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All TAFE students, no matter what college or campus they are studying at will have one email service. 

Your student email address is in the following format: yourstudentID@tafe.wa.edu.au    e.g. G012345@tafe.wa.edu.au. This is the email address you will use to login to your free Office 365 account. Your account includes access to an Outlook email account, a OneDrive folder for file storage and access to the Office 365 suite of applications which are available from any computer or mobile device.


How to Log In

  • Select the link above and the O365 login screen will display
  • Enter your student email address in the following format: yourstudentID@tafe.wa.edu.au    e.g. G012345@tafe.wa.edu.au
  • Enter your password, this is the same password you use to login to the computer network and Student Portal
  • For first time users the default password is your birth date in the following format TafeDDMMYYYY eg. Tafe01011980
  • To view your email, select Outlook from the menu at the top right hand corner of the screen
  • To view your personal online storage, select OneDrive from the same menu

Logging in from your home device?

  1. You may be redirected to a TAFEWA login page.  If you receive an error message, restart your browser or computer if necessary.
  2. At the TAFEWA login page use the ED\ prefix and your student ID only (see picture below).  Your password is your normal password to log into the computer network on campus.  


Trouble Logging In?

Please ask your lecturer for assistance.

Page last updated October 11, 2017