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Why choose TAFE?

More courses, more qualifications, more places to learn.
Full time, part time, on campus, online, in your workplace or any combination of these.

With more than 980 TAFE qualifications to choose from, delivered by five TAFE colleges at campuses right across Western Australia, there are more opportunities than ever for you to make your name.

From Certificate I to Advanced Diploma level, TAFE specialises in combining theory with practical training in industry relevant learning environments. This ensures you are well equipped with the skills you need to enter the workforce, gain a promotion or undertake further study via one of our university pathways upon completion of your qualification.

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Excellent Assessment Practice

Assessments at Central Regional TAFE are designed to reflect real work place conditions to ensure that our students are job ready upon graduation.  In many qualifications assessments are actually undertaken in real workplaces.  If you are already working you may even be able to be assessed in your own workplace. 

Our assessments are regularly reviewed by lecturers, students and industry to ensure they are relevant and are being implemented appropriately via a rigorous validation process.   There is also a process in place for students to appeal an academic decision.  More information about this process can be found here.

Page last updated May 10, 2017