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About us

On the 11th April 2016 Durack Institute of Technology, Goldfields Institute of Technology Kalgoorlie Campus and the CY O’Connor Institute (Northam, Merredin and Moora campuses) formed Central Regional TAFE.

The amalgamation offers our clients an increased and extensive range of nationally recognised qualifications ranging from Certificate I through to Advanced Diploma in a wide range of industry areas. We have a campus presence in the following locations:

  • Geraldton (including Batavia Coast Maritime Institute and Technology Park)

  • Carnarvon

  • Exmouth

  • Kalgoorlie

  • Merredin

  • Moora

  • Northam

  • Wiluna

Central Regional TAFE plays an important role in addressing industry’s need for an appropriately skilled workforce by delivering training that allows regional people to maximise their employment opportunities.  Alternatively we also have considerable experience in the provision of accredited and non-accredited training solutions to meet the future needs of the labour force.  Central Regional TAFE prides itself on meeting the future needs of industry and has developed strong partnerships with our local employers.

Governing Council

At Central Regional TAFE, our vision is to provide training opportunities that contribute to the development of individuals, enterprises and communities.  As Governing Council members we have the opportunity to contribute to the successful future of the individuals and businesses that we service.   The Governing Council is the highest level of decision making at Central Regional TAFE and oversees the organisation’s strategic operations and business affairs.  The Council is provided advice by the Corporate Executive, and the Governing Council sub-committee, the Finance, Audit and Risk Management Committee. 

Membership of the Governing Council is a ministerial appointment, which is due to our expertise in a range of industries and specialties; oftentimes we have gained our experience in the private sector.  As members of public sector boards and committees it is imperative that we ensure our business decisions are made in the public’s best interest. 

Mary Woodford, General Manager, Advocacy, Law Society of Western Australia (Chairperson)
David Nicholson, Operations Manager Business and Finance, City of Wanneroo (Deputy Chairperson)
Eileen O’Connell, President Shire of Nungarin
Christine Rafanelli, Proprietor Da Vinci Tiles Geraldton
Bill McKenzie, Barrister and Solicitor, McKenzie and McKenzie Kalgoorlie
Stuart Smith, Chief Executive Officer, National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority
Vicki Jack, Principal Beaconsfield Primary School
Yvonne Messina, Self Employed
Mark Simpson, Consultant and Director, Mark Simpson and Associates, Keogh Bay Consulting, Keogh Bay Training and Keogy Bay People
Graeme Wilmot, Managing Director, Wilmot Engineering.

Governing Council Membership

Help shape the strategic direction of training in Western Australia

The Minister for Education and Training is looking for people with effective leadership and strategic thinking skills and the ability to work collegiately within the TAFE sector to help shape training to meet future industry and community needs throughout Western Australia.

If you have these skills, knowledge of vocational education and training, experience in community and industry engagement, and a record of service to industry or the community, express your interest now.

Under the Vocational Education and Training Act 1996, Governing Councils play a key role in the strategic management of TAFE Colleges within the Western Australian Government policy framework.

Members of Governing Councils are remunerated for their services.

Expressions of interest for membership of Central Regional TAFE Governing Council are invited.

Expressions of interest are also sought for the Governing Council Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson positions at Central Regional TAFE.

The McGowan Government is committed to increasing the representation of women on Government boards and committees. Women are encouraged to apply for Governing Council membership, or alternatively, register with OnBoardWA at www.onboardwa.jobs.wa.gov.au to express their interest.

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people; and people from culturally diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Please send a brief curriculum vitae of no more than two pages using the approved proforma by Friday 19 January 2018 preferably by email to helen.victor@dtwd.wa.gov.au or by mail to:

Ms Helen Victor
Executive Services
Department of Training and Workforce Development
Locked Bag 16
Osborne Park Delivery Centre, WA, 6916

Information package:
TAFE College Governing Council Handbook
Governing council membership – frequently asked questions
Curriculum vitae proforma

Further information is available online at:

Aboriginal Training Services

Central Regional TAFE has strong links with Aboriginal communities and is well recognised as an organisation prepared to negotiate training for Aboriginal people in a sensitive and culturally appropriate manner. In particular, we emphasise consultation and joint implementation of projects with Aboriginal communities and groups. Training needs are identified and programs developed in close consultation with Aboriginal communities, ensuring relevance of content and delivery strategies.

Central Regional TAFE can provide customised training programs to meet the requirements of your community or organisation, with training being provided either on-site at your workplace or community, or at any of our campuses throughout the region.

Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information Statement

This Information Statement for Central Regional TAFE is prepared in accordance with the requirements of section 94 of the FOI Act. This version has been prepared to assist people with accessibility issues access the information in a succinct format. For the unabridged version of the document please refer to link at the end of the statement.

The Freedom of Information Act 1992 (FOI Act) provides a general right of access to documents of government agencies by the public. It also ensures that personal information held by government entities is accurate, complete, up to date and not misleading.

A person's right of access is not affected by any reasons the person gives for wishing to obtain access, or the agency's belief as to what the reasons are for wishing to obtain access.

Documents or parts of documents of a sensitive nature may be exempt from access. The Freedom of Information Act makes provision for the exemption of documents that, if released, would affect the functioning of government, disclose confidential information provided in confidence to the Government, or reveal personal information.

How to apply for access to information

Applications for access to information must be in writing, must provide enough information to enable the identification of requested documents, and give an address in Australia to which notices can be sent.

Where to apply for access to information

All applications for information, or to amend personal information held by Central Regional TAFE is to be submitted to the FOI Coordinator.

FOI Coordinator

Central Regional TAFE

Locked Mail Bag 103


Fees and charges

There are no fees or charges attached to an application or request for access to personal information.

The application fee for access to non-personal information is $30.00, which is to be paid prior to acceptance of the application.

Other charges may apply in relation to time taken by staff in dealing with an application and photocopying of documents, as provided for in the FOI Regulations.

The FOI process

Government agencies have a period of 45 days in which to process an application and decide whether access to the requested documents is permitted.

Once Central Regional TAFE has considered the application we will send you a notice of decision advising whether access to the documents has been granted and if not, the reasons for not allowing access.

Should you be dissatisfied with the notice of decision you have 30 days in which to make an application for review. From receipt of application of review Central Regional TAFE has 15 days to conduct an internal review and provide a notice of decision.

Should you be dissatisfied with the results of the internal review you have 60 days in which to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner who will then decide whether to conduct an external review.

The results of an internal or external review may confirm the agency's decision, vary the decision, or completely set aside the decision and provide a substitute decision.

Role of the Office of the Information Commissioner

The Information Commissioner is an independent officer responsible for dealing with complaints made about decisions made by agencies in relation to access applications and applications to amend personal information.

The Information Commissioner also provides assistance to members of the public and agencies on matters relevant to the FOI Act.

Contact details for the Information Commissioner are:


Information Commissioner

Level 12 St Martin's Tower
44 St Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000

Tel: (08) 9220 7888
Fax: (08) 9325 2152
Email: info@foi.wa.gov.au


Click here for a more detailed copy of our Freedom of Information Statement.


On 11th April 2016, Durack Institute of Technology, Goldfields Institute of Technology Kalgoorlie campus and the CY O’Connor Institute Northam, Merredin and Moora campuses formed Central Regional TAFE.

Annual Reports are available for the three previous entities.

Durack Institute of Technology 2016 Annual Report

Goldfields Institute of Technology 2016 Annual Report

CY O’Connor Institute of Technology 2016 Annual Report

Sustainability @CRT

Sustainability has been a focus and ongoing commitment specifically at the Geraldton Campus of Central Regional TAFE for many years.

Significant emphasis has been placed on implementing sustainable and innovative technologies and embedding a culture of sustainability with our staff and students. The Geraldton Campus has become a place to showcase the benefits of focusing on sustainable initiatives, for staff and students, the community and local businesses.

We earnestly promote and encourage students and staff to be more actively involved in Sustainability initiatives and the environment they live and work in.

Take this opportunity to read about our Sustainability Journey so far.

Re-use News – This recycling initiative raises critical funding for community project.  We collect newspapers at the Geraldton Campus and take to a local recycling collection point in Geraldton.

Geraldton CAN Recycle – A large centralised bin has been installed at the Geraldton Campus with smaller green bins strategically placed around the Campus.  

Plastic Fantastic – A large centralised bin has been installed at the Geraldton Campus with smaller pink bins strategically placed around the Campus.

Bring out your DEAD……..Batteries – Now you can dispose of your household batteries correctly as we do it for you.  Small and large bettery recycling vins are located around the Geraldton Campus.  These are delivered to the City of Greater Geraldton at the Meru Landfull Facility, and then transported to Perth for appropriate disposal.

Pulp Action - Central Regional TAFE have recently partnered with ToxFree to provide waste paper recycling facilities on campus. The "Pulp Action" recycling initiative has been launched to capture waste paper, cardboard, magazines, glossy pamphlets etc, that were generally entering waste and into landfill. The waste paper products captured by the 80 boxes located throughout the campus, will go into ToxFree's waste paper recycling facilities to be reused for a number of different renewed/recycled products.

Active Travel Awards Program


Active Travel Rewards Card was launched in 2012. This was in an effort to:

  • reduce the amount of single occupant car travel to the Geraldton and BCMI campuses;
  • increase staff and students physically activity; and
  • reduce their personal carbon footprint.

Staff and students are encouraged to travel actively to the campus which entitles them to a free barista coffee, tea, hot chocolate or choice of juice is provided from the M-e-N-U cafe. 

Active travel means leaving your car at home and doing one or more of the following:

  • cycling
  • walking
  • car-pooling, and
  • using public transport.

Aquifer Storage Recovery

Central Regional TAFE has invested in a water conservation project called an Aquifer Storage Recovery (ASR) system at the Geraldton Campus.

Existing central storm water drainage systems from buildings and car parks directs captured rain water into a naturally occurring sump, located on the campus.  More than seven years of rainwater entering the sump has created a fresh water lense that naturally “floats” on top of the saltier ground water. The water is drawn from the ground through a series of bores and used for irrigating the campus lawns and gardens during the warmer, drier months of the year. The aquifer is replenished annually by the winter rains through the drainage system.  In the first two years of use, scheme water usage was reduced by 90% after reaching a peak in 2005/06.

Water and Energy Monitoring 

Smart meters have been installed to monitor the Institute’s energy usage at Geraldton Campus.  An energy monitoring dashboard, designed by staff displays comparative graphs, consumption counters and usage dials in real time, in a user friendly format. 

Real time renewable energy productions from solar panels and the wind turbine, water usage and savings are displayed on the Intranet and throughout the Campus.

Sponsorship Program

At Central Regional TAFE we develop and support partnerships with community organisations that have activities, interests and values compatible with our own.

Our sponsorship program identifies and support initiatives that contribute lasting value to the communities in which we operate.  We view community involvement as a natural part of successful business practice that must be managed as professionally as any other aspect of our business.

Due to fixed annual budgets and business objectives, we are unable to sponsor all worthy causes and organisations, however, every sponsorship proposal is considered on its merits and how closely it meets our sponsorship criteria.

Applications for sponsorship will be accepted from incorporated community groups, organisations (including parent bodies) and clubs in preference to individuals.

Compliments or Concerns

Good Service is part of our Business.  As Western Australia’s premier Large Training Provider our goal is to provide an outstanding service and sound processes to enhance your learning experience.  We value your compliments, complaints and suggestions.  These could be:

  • about a positive experience you have had
  • a comment or suggestion on how we can improve our services to you, or
  • a complaint if you are not satisfied with the service you have received, or feel you have not been treated fairly and reasonably.

Check out our commitment to you in our Customer Service Charter and we look forward to your feedback.

You can give us feedback by contacting us via email at info@crtafe.wa.edu.au or in writing to: Planning and Quality at Central Regional TAFE, Locked Mail Bag 103, Geraldton WA 6531.

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