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Skills Ready Application - Free Skill Set

Ready to boost your skills for the future? Complete the form below to get started. 

Please note: You will need a Unique Student Identifier (USI) as part of your application to study in nationally accredited courses and units. 

Eligibility requirements:

Our job ready skill sets are 100% free for the following eligible students.

  • Persons aged 15—24 years at the time of enrolment (excluding school students)
  • Secondary school-aged persons who are not enrolled at school
  • Persons receiving the JobSeeker or JobKeeper payment
  • Persons and dependents of persons receiving the Youth Allowance, AUSTUDY or ABSTUDY
  • Persons and dependents of persons holding:
    • a pensioner concession card or Health Care Card; or
    • Repatriation Health Benefits Card issued by the Department of Veterans' Affairs
  • Persons and dependents of persons who are inmates of a custodial institution

Our student services team will contact you to finalise your enrolment. If you need assistance at anytime please contact us on 1800 672 700 or via email.

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Page last updated October 17, 2020