Environmental Science

The health of the environment is extremely important for the future of the human population and the survival of other species that we share resources with. Environmental Science takes a close look at what is going on in the environment at the physical, chemical and biological levels. From that knowledge, environmental scientists and technicians help us find solutions for how to conserve our environment and form better practices that reduce harmful human impacts on natural resources and ecosystems.

Your work may involve collecting samples and conducting tests on the field or in laboratories to determine the impact of industrial activities on the environment. Your role may also include developing solutions and strategies for reducing human impact and preserving the natural environment.

A qualification in Environmental Science can open up a wide range of employment possibilities as:

  • An environmental assistant
  • Environmental technician, or
  • Environmental technical officer

You could be employed by state, territory or local governments or private organisations involved in environmental monitoring. 

Environmental Science Courses

^ You’ll pay half price course fees on Lower fees, Local Skills qualifications, however please note other fees may apply such as for resources that are specifically needed for your course.
National ID: AHC21020
State ID: BGH1
Industry Agriculture, Animals, Science and the Environment
Half price^

Certificate II in Conservation and Ecosystem Management

Grow your career in conservation and ecosystem management here.

Get the practical skills to begin your career in conservation and ecosystem management. Learn how to maintain and restore natural and cultural places, farmland, wildlife habitats and more.

Study modes:

On campus
VET Delivered to Secondary Students

Start a career working on the land. 

Working in the conservation and land management industry is for people who love to work in the outdoor environment, and recognise the value in restoration of natural bushland and coastal areas. This is an ideal starting place for gaining employment or further training within the conservation industry.

You'll gain practical skills and knowledge to undertake a broad range of tasks in gardening, nursery work and landscaping, plus parks and gardens management. Conservation and land management is about the future as much as it is about the present. Develop skills in the field of natural resource management, land management, developing and leading teams to implement conservation and land management strategies and more. 


Half price fees apply!

Certificate II
National ID: MSS40218
State ID: BEA9
Industry Agriculture, Animals, Science and the Environment

Certificate IV in Environmental Monitoring and Technology

Opportunity as far as the eye can see.

Be at the cutting edge of a growing industry and watch your future career unfold in front of you. Analyse environmental data and understand the world around you to protect it for generations to come.

Delivered at:

Study modes:

On campus

Repair environmental impacts at their source.

Businesses are more and more becoming interested in conservation and are prioritising efforts to reduce their impact on the environment there has never been a better time to join this growing industry. 

This qualification will provide you with the practical skills and knowledge to collect and analyse environmental samples and process environmental data for the purpose of minimising the impact of human activity on the environment. Students undertake a range of field-based activities including vegetation surveys, geological formation recognition, water and soil sampling and testing and the use of GPS in environmental monitoring applications.

Certificate IV
National ID: MSS50218
State ID: BEA8
Industry Agriculture, Animals, Science and the Environment
VET Student Loans (VSL)

Diploma of Environmental Monitoring and Technology

The future of the environment is in your hands.

Refine your conservation and environmental monitoring and rehabilitation skills and stand out in a growing industry that's becoming more and more in demand across multiple sectors.

Delivered at:

Study modes:

On campus

Make a difference in the management of environmental issues.

Qualified workers are needed in this industry where there is a growing importance on conservation and environmental impact of business. It is a growing industry  linked to our resources sector and increasing issues with the degradation of ecosystems.

This qualification will give you the skills and knowledge needed to apply a range of methods and technologies to conduct environmental testing, monitoring and more. These skills are used in most industry sectors and to assist environmental scientists, engineers and planners with site assessments, minimising environmental impacts of processes and remediation/rehabilitation of sites.

National ID: AHC30318
State ID: BEF8
Industry Agriculture, Animals, Science and the Environment

Certificate III in Rural and Environmental Pest Management

Keep valuable assets pest-free.

Begin a career where your skills in identifying and managing pests will be constantly in demand. This qualification could see you working in agriculture, conservation and land management, horticulture and beyond.

Delivered at:

Study modes:


Keep our livestock and farming pest-free.

This qualification provides the skills and knowledge required for pest management contractors, pest management field officers, vertebrate pest management field officers and weed management field officers in the pest management industry. This includes those who work in weed management as well as vertebrate pest management in conservation, land management, horticulture and agriculture settings.


Certificate III
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