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Plumbing and Gas


    Certificate III in Plumbing

    National ID CPC32420 | State ID BGC2

    Fix everything including the kitchen sink.

    Your career in plumbing starts here. When you complete a Certificate III in Plumbing you'll be looking at an in-demand (and possibly lucrative) career as a plumber or gasfitter.
    • Geraldton

    Study Modes
    • Apprenticeship

    Certificate II in Plumbing (Plumbing Pre-apprenticeship)

    National ID 52887WA | State ID AC56

    The Certificate II in Plumbing is a pre-entry course for students seeking to gain an apprenticeship in the plumbing sector.  

    In this course you will gain the knowledge and skills to work effectively in the construction industry, how to safely install, alter, and repair pipework...


    Study Modes
    • VET Delivered to Secondary Students

    White Card Skill Set

    State ID KAA19

    Compliance has never been simpler.

    Upon completion of this skill set, individuals will receive their White Card, along with skills and knowledge to keep themselves and others safe on-site.
    • Kalgoorlie

    Study Modes
    • On campus