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English, Languages and Foundation Studies

Why take an English Language or Foundation Course at CR TAFE?

Has it been a while since you have studied or worked? And you are not sure if taking a course at TAFE will be right for you? Or maybe studying just feels scary? Then it looks like a foundation course might just give you the confidence you need to undergo further studies or find employment! 

Foundation courses offer you an opportunity to settle in to further studies in a supportive environment. If you do not have a high school qualification, then a foundation course is the perfect way to prepare you for the next steps you want to take. 

Do you feel like you are lacking certain skills or just need a refresher? Maybe you have a dream career but need to brush up on some basic skills before entering a higher-level course or workplace - that’s exactly what foundation courses are for!

Where do you want to go?

At Central Regional TAFE, we want to help you achieve your study and career goals with confidence and excitement. Whether you have your eyes set on a particular career, are wanting to take further studies or are hoping to engage more deeply with your local community, we want to help you get there. 

You can look at English Language and Foundational Skills courses as a stepping stone to get you where you want to go. And the sky’s just the limit!

Did you know?

Over 35% of people living in Western Australia were born overseas.

Reasons to study in this industry

  • Our qualifications will improve your confidence to speak, listen, read and write English. 
  • You will learn basic literacy, numeracy, and life skills to prepare you for further study or the workplace.
  • These courses will help you get a job, progress to further study or improve your current skills.  

Do you come from a non-English speaking background and want to improve your skills in English? Our English language courses are for you. In these courses you will learn skills to help you confidently read, write and speak in English so that you can participate in the community and find employment. The courses cover topics such as vocabulary, rules of grammar and pronunciation. You will also learn the skills to undertake further education and find a job.

English Language Courses

Want to boost your confidence in literacy and numeracy and learn skills that will make you more employable? You might benefit from taking one of our foundational skills courses. 

Set yourself up to achieve your study and career goals by taking a foundation course. If you didn’t gain a qualification at high school, or haven’t studied or worked in a long time, our foundational skills courses can give you the confidence to undertake further studies or find employment.

Our foundational skills courses cover a wide range of skills such as comprehension and mathematics skills you would use in everyday situations, and how to set goals and work towards achieving them.

Foundational Skills Courses


    Certificate II in Spoken and Written English

    National ID 10728NAT | State ID BEI00

    Speak and read like you want to.

    Learn to write, speak your mind, listen with intent and converse with others in social and professional settings. Your confidence and ability will grow after learning the essential skills in this bridging course.
    • Geraldton

    Study Modes
    • Apprenticeship

    Certificate III in Spoken and Written English

    National ID 10729NAT | State ID BEI04

    Learn English skills to set you up for success.

    Refine your spoken and written English skills further with this qualification, and gain confidence in conversing with others, writing documents, interpreting information and more.
    • Geraldton

    Study Modes
    • Apprenticeship