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Hospitality, Tourism and Events

Why take a course in Hospitality and Tourism?

Do you like the idea of having a job that you can travel with and meet different people from all walks of life through? A career in Hospitality and Tourism might be a rewarding choice for you. 

Did you know that the tourism and hospitality industries are the world’s largest employers? Plus, there is an increasing demand for tourism graduates who have business management skills and training.

Choose your own adventure.

Hospitality and Tourism courses will give you skills you need to achieve your career goals, whether that is working as a head chef or opening your own restaurant. There is no limit to where you can go and what you can achieve with a qualification in hospitality and tourism. 

At Central Regional TAFE, we believe in providing practical, industry-relevant training that prepares you to excel in real workplaces. Our state-of-the-art facilities and industry partnerships will ensure that you have everything you need to get where you want to go.

Did you know?

Tourism encourages and creates leisure activities for travellers in new places while hospitality includes all accommodation, food and beverage services. Together it is a large and very important industry for Australia’s economy.

MySkills, Succeed Publication

Reasons to study in this industry

  • Travel agents often get to travel the world as a part of their job.
  • Careers in tourism and hospitality are diverse, creative and people-centred so they offer a wide variety of interesting roles.
  • This industry many opportunities for young people looking for their first job, or for mature aged workers looking to re-enter the workforce.

MySkills, Succeed Publication | National Skills Commission

Baking has long been celebrated as a way to create good food and sustenance throughout the years. Over time, humans have honed the craft and produced gorgeous creations by baking. In France, there is even a specific term that’s been used worldwide for bakeries that specialise in pastries and sweets. Patisseries have master pastry chefs creating delicious cakes, tarts, and pastries, and that could be you.

Baking and Patisserie Courses

The cookery and hospitality industries are seeking talented and qualified staff in Western Australia. Achieve your career goals, whether you want to be the head chef at a top restaurant, open your own restaurant, organise events, or produce fresh baked goods; the career paths you can follow are plentiful.

Commercial Cookery Courses

Want to work in a dynamic and growing industry? Like fast-paced, collaborative environments? A career in hospitality might be a good fit for you. Take a hospitality course at Central Regional TAFE and get hands-on practical training at our award-winning Zeewijk Training Restaurant at the Geraldton Campus or at state-of-the-art facilities at other campuses. You will also gain practical experience and opportunities to make industry connections by working at real events as part of your training.

If you are particularly interested in commercial cookery or baking and patisserie, we offer specialised courses and traineeships to get you the skills and experiences you need for a rewarding career in hospitality.

Hospitality Courses

Want to learn the skills and knowledge to sell goods to customers? Our Retail Services courses will teach you about controlling and maintaining stock, how to prevent theft, how to provide excellent customer service and how to work effectively as part of a team. These courses can lead to a career as a sales assistant, point-of-sale operator or customer service assistant.

Retail Courses

Do you want to work with people who are visiting Australia, providing them with advice or showing them attractions? Study tourism with us at Central Regional TAFE and kickstart a career in an industry with growing job demand. Tourism courses at Central Regional TAFE will give you extensive knowledge and practical skills to excel in the workplace, including how to arrange travel bookings, use reservation computer systems and plan international and local holidays for clients.

Travel and Tourism Courses


    Responsible service of alcohol

    State ID AE826

    This short course will give you the skills and the ability to engage in the sale or service of alcohol responsibly. It is a legal requirement to hold a Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate...

    • Kalgoorlie

    Study Modes
    • On campus

    Certificate III in Retail

    National ID SIR30216 | State ID BAA6

    Sales, service and so much more.

    Get ahead of the workforce competition. A qualification in retail will provide you with skills that you can take you into any store or organisation that sells any product.
    • Carnarvon

    Study Modes
    • Self Paced External

    Certificate II in Retail Services

    National ID SIR20216 | State ID BAA0

    A career where staff are always needed.

    Working in retail can be as varied as you can imagine. Take the first step towards a career in the retail industry and learn essential skills that will set your apart from the workforce competition.
    • Exmouth

    Study Modes
    • Flexible
    • VET Delivered to Secondary Students

    Certificate II in Tourism

    National ID SIT20116 | State ID AZV4

    Start a career that can take you anywhere.

    This course will give you the essential skills required to begin your career in the tourism, business and events industries. From here, the world is your oyster, and your career possibilities are endless.
    • Exmouth

    Study Modes
    • Self Paced External

    Certificate III in Tourism

    National ID SIT30116 | State ID AZV7

    Give people experiences they’ll never forget.

    Make a career of giving people the best time of their lives, anywhere in the world. This course will give you skills in tourism sales, service, judgement and much more.
    • Exmouth

    Study Modes
    • Flexible
    • On campus
    • Online
    • Traineeship