Animal Studies

These qualifications prepare you to provide care functions in an animal care workplace, including basic animal nutrition, animal health care, retail service procedures, work health and safety, animal ethics and handling and transporting animals.

National ID State ID Title Qualification level Campus
ACM20117 BDN2 Animal Studies Certificate II Geraldton Campus
c000000, c000001

Do you have a passion for animals? Would you like to work with our furry and feathered friends?

This course provides a broad introduction to working with a range of animals in a variety of animal care workplaces with no previous experience necessary. This course will kick-start your amazing career with animals.

You will gain skills and knowledge in:

  • Learning fundamental animal care and handling methods
  • Developing team-work, communication and problem-solving skills
  • Catering for animal nutritional needs
  • Providing basic first aid to animals
  • Assisting with animal health care
  • Developing self-management and organisational techniques
  • Working with teams of people who are willing to help make a difference to the lives of our animal companions
  • Handling animals safely and confidently in a range of situations
  • Dealing with emergencies
  • Observing, monitoring and recognising health issues in animals
  • Being able to assist in treating diseases and illness.
ACM30117 BDN1 Animal Studies Certificate III Northam Campus
ACM30117, BDN1, animal attendant, animal trainer, animal care, animals

If you dream of a  career working with animals this entry-level course might be just what you are looking for! 

With a Certificate III in Animal Studies from Central Regional TAFE you will gain the skills you need to work as an animal attendant or trainer. It is also the perfect foundation course for people looking to move into specialised streams within the animal care industry.

This course will give you broad skills in basic care and the capture, handling and transportation of companion animals, as well as specialised skills in either behavioural sciences, veterinary nursing, or wildlife care. 

Successful completion of this course will qualify you to work as an animal trainer or health officer, or trainee veterinary nurse. It will also give you the knowledge required to complete further studies in the field.

O9502P O9502P Dog and Cat Management Control Short Course Northam Campus
dog, cat, microchip, animal, animal management, ranger, canine, O9502P, local government, pound

Learn to care for our four legged friends.

Participants in this course will partake in work place health and safety processes involved in animal care. This course will prepare individuals with the skills and knowledge to understand, interpret dog and cat management and apply microchip implantation procedures on cats and dogs whilst exhibiting appropriate care for animals so that stress and discomfort is minimised. 


Upon successful completion students will be issued with a Certificate of Participation

Enrolment & enquiries

For more information about this course and to enrol contact: 1800 672 700 or complete the course enquiry form below.

To find out more about studying with us please also refer to our Course Guide and Student Information Pack.

ACM30918 BEE1 Equine Hoof Care Certificate III Geraldton Campus

This qualification reflects the role of practitioners undertaking equine barefoot care. It covers hoof care, hoof trimming and the provision of services to assist in optimising environmental and nutritional requirements of equines in a range of varied contexts that may be complex and non-routine.

The duties require discretion and judgement and the ability to communicate information accurately to owners or carers concerning equine health and hoof care in a variety of circumstances

ACM20217 BDN6 Horse Care Certificate II Geraldton Campus

This is a general qualification for entry into industry sectors where horses are used. Job roles may include stable hand; farm hand; groom, stock rider; or trail-ride assistant. The qualification is suitable for individuals who undertake routine activities under supervision with limited responsibility for their own work.

The qualification provides individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to work safely when handling and caring for horses. It includes stable duties, fitting gear, and assisting with horse exercise work, competition and transportation requirements. The skills and knowledge needed to ride horses are also included if they are occupational requirements.

AD737 Microchip Implantation for Dogs and Cats Skill Set Skill set Northam Campus
dog, cat, microchip, animal care, vet, nurse, AD737, tagging, implant, well being, WHS, pet

This skill set is designed to prepare individuals with the skills and knowledge to understand, interpret and apply microchip implantation procedures on cats and dogs whilst exhibiting appropriate care for animals so that stress and discomfort is minimised and targeted at  Individuals who are registered as a state or territory 'approved microchip implanter for cats and dogs'.

The following units of competency are included in this skill set:

  • ACMGAS301 Maintain and monitor animal health and wellbeing
  • ACMMIC401 Implant microchip in cats and dogs
  • ACMWHS201 Participate in workplace health and safety processes

Upon successful completion you will receive a Statement of Attainment

Please also refer to the Student Information Pack for additional College and support information



O9507P O9507P Reptile Handling and Care Short Course Short Course Northam Campus
snake, reptile, handling, capture, care, ranger, LGA, council, local government, lizard, transportation, first aid, bite management, O9507P

This one day workshop will provide the participant with the skills and knowledge to:

  • Describe the basic behaviour of reptiles and safe handling
  • Correct methods of transporting reptiles
  • The legal requirements of capturing and handling reptiles
  • Understanding symptoms and signs of snake bite
  • Demonstrate first aid management of a person who has been bitten by a snake
  • Complete a written assessment
  • Complete a practical skills assessment, and
  • Contribute to verbal discussion during the workshop.

This course will be delivered at the Midland Sports Complex, Patterson Drive Middle Swan.

Upon completion of this course you will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Please also refer to the Student Fact Pack for additional College and support information.

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