Environmental Science

An environmental science qualification will prepare you for work not only locally, but internationally as well. You wil build an underlying knowledge of plant and animal identification, environmental chemistry and geology. You will work with industry and community based organisations in the field of conservation, and ensure sustainable landscapes.

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MSS50218 BEA8 Environmental Monitoring and Technology Diploma Geraldton Campus
C000000, C000005, conservation, environmental impact, environment, ecosystem, monitoring

Assist in the management of environmental issues with this diploma.

With a growing importance on conservation and environmental impact of business, this is a good time to join this industry. It is a growing area that is linked to our resource industry and increasing issues with the degradation of ecosystems. This course covers the skills and knowledge you need to apply a range of methods and technologies to conduct environmental sampling, testing and monitoring. The skills are used in most industry sectors and to assist environmental scientists, engineers and planners with site assessment, minimising environmental impacts of processes and remediation/rehabilitation of sites.

MSS40218 BEA9 Environmental Monitoring and Technology Certificate IV Geraldton Campus
C000000, C000005, science, laboratory, enrvironmental,

With more and more businesses interested in conservation and keen to reduce their impact on the environment there has never been a better time to join this growing industry. 

This qualification will provide you with the practical skills and knowledge to collect and analyse environmental samples and process environmental data for the purpose of minimising the impact of human activity on the environment. Students undertake a range of field-based activities including vegetation surveys, geological formation recognition, water and soil sampling and testing and the use of GPS in environmental monitoring applications.

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