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IT & Multimedia

The multimedia industry is a vibrant and exciting sector to start your pathway in. Whether you’re interested in all aspects of digital media production, or you’re wanting to help make rich, interactive games, taking on multimedia and games courses could be the ideal first step to a fulfilling career creating complex and well-loved content.

The world of games development has produced fun and dynamic products that can be enjoyed by people of all ages through the years. From basic digital game mechanics that are blended with creative and technical productions, game design has progressed over time to meet high industry standards no matter what genre of game you’re involved in the production of.

  • Multimedia Designer
  • Multimedia Developer
  • Interaction Media Developer


    Certificate II in Applied Digital Technologies

    National ID ICT20120 | State ID BGJ3

    Upgrade your skills for a well-connected career.

    Improve your computing and IT skills and be in demand across multiple industries. Learn how to solve problems, understand operating systems, master software packages and more.
    • Northam

    Study Modes
    • Online and on campus

    Certificate IV in Information Technology

    National ID ICT40120 | State ID BFF9

    Start your career in IT.

    You'll develop skills that are applicable to a wide range of roles in the information technology field.
    • Geraldton

    Study Modes
    • Online

    Diploma of Information Technology (Front End Web Development)

    National ID ICT50220 | State ID AC26

    Unleash your creativity with a career in front end web development

    While web design determines the way a website looks, front end web development is how that web design gets turned into an interactive web site for people to use.

    Front end web developers use a combination of...


    Study Modes
    • On campus