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Networking and Security

When it comes to the field of Information Technology, there’s a wide range of exciting and dynamic roles available for suitably trained graduates. One of the most important components that keep the industry-relevant and in high-demand is the networking sector, which focuses on the efficient planning, installation, and maintenance of computer networks and internet and intranet infrastructures. Whether you’ve got an interest in networks and digital infrastructures, or you’re already working in a related role, taking on networking and security courses will give you industry-relevant skills and knowledge to excel in providing network support to a variety of organisations and businesses.

If you’ve got a solid foundation of literacy and numeracy skills, and have developed your skills and knowledge of computers and have a basic understanding of networking skills, network security courses are the best way to specialise your skillset and gain a competitive edge in the industry.

  • ICT Security Specialist 
  • Systems Administrator
  • Computer Network and Systems Administrator
  • Network Analyst


    Certificate IV in Information Technology

    National ID ICT40120 | State ID BFF9

    Start your career in IT.

    You'll develop skills that are applicable to a wide range of roles in the information technology field.
    • Geraldton

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    • On campus

    Certificate IV in Information Technology (Networking)

    National ID ICT40120 | State ID AC10

    Make some serious connections.

    Level-up your basic networking skills and set yourself up for a career in one of the most in-demand industries out there. Your career in IT starts here.
    • Geraldton

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    • Self Paced External