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Study Types

Central Regional TAFE embraces a wide range of innovative and contemporary delivery methods to enable the most flexible and engaging products to you.  

These methods include:


An apprenticeship is a full time employment based training program usually lasting 3-4 years. It combines on the job learning and scheduled training with a registered training provider such as Central Regional TAFE.  Apprenticeships combine study with practical training to enable you to become a qualified tradesperson.  Open to anyone, apprenticeships require you to enter into a formal training contract with an employer to learn skills on the job.

Learn more about Apprenticeships here.

Pre Apprenticeship

Pre Apprenticeship training is available as a stepping stone to an apprenticeship. This option may be appealing to students who have not yet gained employment as an apprentice or trainee but wish to do so in the future.  You do not have to have an employer to participate in pre-apprenticeship training, however there may be some work experience or industry placement as part of the course.

External Studies

External study may be available for part or all of this course.  External study is normally by correspondence.  External enrolments are usually ongoing and available throughout the year at any time.

Face to Face (Class Room)

Available on campus and delivered face-to-face by a lecturer.  Course may be full-time or part-time, short or workshop delivered in this way.  Whilst the course may be delivered primarily in a face-to-face manner our Lecturers use many, varied and innovative delivery methods to ensure your experience is the best it possibly can be.

Flexible Delivery

Flexible study may be available for part or all of this course.  Flexible options may include: off-campus external study, online, workshop based delivery, recognition of prior learning.  We aim to suit your study needs and preferences.


Full-time study is usually available for this course.  Full-time study is normally on-campus, day-time and may be delivered over 3-4 days in the week depending on the course.

On the Job

Learning is carried out at your place of employment whilst employed in the Industry.  This mode is usually associated with Traineeships or Apprenticeships.

Online Learning

Online study is available for all or part of this course. Online enrolments area available throughout the year.  Our online study options use a variety of engaging online learning materials to support your study.


Part-time study is usually available for some of our courses.  Part-time study is normally on-campus but can also be during the evening, short courses, skill sets, workshops, flexible, online.  Some part-time enrolments may be available in full-time courses during the day where vacancies exist.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning uses previously gained skills and knowledge in an assessment framework within accredited courses.  Learn more about Recognition of Prior Learning pathways here.

Skill Set

Consists of a group of units delivered and assessed together to gain particular skills.  May be workshop based or part-time or in the workplace. 


This form of study is only available to people with a traineeship agreement with an employer.  The method of training for Trainees depends on agreement with employers and may be on campus or at the workplace.

Workplace Assessment

Assessment is carried out within your workplace.  Usually observations are completed with demonstration of your workplace tasks being assessed.

Page last updated October 10, 2018