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TAFE Qualifications

Central Regional TAFE can help you achieve your dream of working in the industry that you want.  Vocational Education and Training programs from Certificate I right through to Diploma and Advanced Diploma programs are industry focused and practical.  Graduates with a VET qualification are highly sought after by employers in many fields.  Employers value the highly practical skills in addition to the academic knowledge gained through studying at TAFE.

Certificate I and II

These entry level qualifications will help you develop basic skills and knowledge and prepare you for both employment and further education and training.

Certificate III 

At this level you will gain broad theoretical and practical knowledge in your chosen industry, preparing you for added responsibility. Certificate III courses can often be completed as part of an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Certificate IV

At this level you will learn supervisory and advanced technical skills which may build on skills already acquired in the workplace or obtained in a Certificate III. A Certificate IV can lead directly to higher level qualifications or be a pathway to University.

Diploma and Advanced Diploma

These higher level qualifications will give you more specialised skills and knowledge of greater complexity where you are able to appraise, synthesise, manage and evaluate workplace situations. Graduates at this level will have the ability to undertake highly skilled work. Both qualifications can be a pathway to University and can give you credit off a Bachelor Degree. Duration of qualifications will vary for each course.

Page last updated December 18, 2019