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Student Services and Support

We want your time at Central Regional TAFE to be fun as well as rewarding. If you find yourself in need of a little extra assistance, help is at hand. Student Services is located at each campus to offer a variety of student support.

Support services provided include:

  • Course planning and study pathways
  • Support for additional learning requirements
  • Career advice and direction
  • Induction for new students
  • Mentor support
  • Youth support
  • Case management
  • Fee and debt payment options advice
  • Referrals to external support agencies
  • Scholarships program
  • Events
  • Pepperell Village (Geraldton campus on site student accommodation)
  • Agricola (Kalgoorlie campus on site accommodation)
  • Case management
  • Pastoral Support 

To contact student services at your local campus call 1800 672 700 or

Student code of conduct
The purpose of the Student Code of Conduct is to ensure that all students studying at Central Regional TAFE enjoy an atmosphere of mutual understanding, respect and professionalism. The College is a supportive adult learning environment that celebrates diversity, embraces equal opportunity and is free from discrimination and harassment. As a student it is your responsibility to know what is in the Student Code of Conduct. Download the Code of Conduct.
Student ID cards
 When you enrol at our Kalgoorlie or Geraldton Campus a Student ID Card is included in your enrolment.  Once you have enrolled you can visit either the Library or Administration areas to have your photo taken and collect your card.  Your Student ID Card can be used for identification purposes, photocopying and after hours computer access (Cibatek Centre-Geraldton Campus) as well as borrowing library resources. It is valid for the current year only.
Learning support 
Studying can be daunting, especially if you haven’t done it before or if you’re out of practice. We can help you get organised, guide you through your assignments and point you in the right direction for resources. You will get helpful strategies and tips to help meet the demands of studying. We won’t do your work for you, but we’ll help you learn the best study practices to achieve success.
Student mentoring

We can provide dedicated support of our students identified as disability and those of identified as Aboriginal. 

  • Mentors can provide in class support.
  • Tutors will provide one on one out of class support.

For more information contact Student Support Services on 1800 672 700 or email

Additional information about a wide range of technology options and services is available on the Student Portal page.

Aboriginal Student Support

Dustin Nutter_IMG_2103.JPG

 We want to support and engage Aboriginal people in our local communities to achieve their full potential in participating equally in the social, cultural & economic life of their country. Our dedicated team provides outstanding support for Aboriginal students & staff.

Aboriginal Support Officers

Through strong community partnerships & with the support of various local organisations the team are able to assist Aboriginal students with a variety of services & programs including:

  • First point of contact for Aboriginal students
  • Aboriginal Designated Placement Program
  • Tucker Program
  • Training advice and guidance
  • Employment, career pathways and planning
  • Referrals to external support agencies
  • Cultural matters and personal issues
  • Aboriginal Tuition & Mentoring Program
  • Aboriginal Student Scholarships Program
  • Inductions for students
  • Child care information.
  • ABSTUDY and Centrelink matters.
  • Case management
  • Fee debt payment options & advice (i.e. investigate options such as Native Title Funding)
  • Aboriginal Cultural Professional Development

For more information on Aboriginal Support Services at your local campus folow the link below or  contact 1800 672 700 email

Disability Support


Central Regional TAFE is committed to providing the best possible opportunities for clients to access the full range of training delivery and assessment services we offer. We incorporate the principles of access and equity into the way we provide all our programs and services. This means ensuring an inclusive approach to the way we provide services and also recognising that specific strategies may be required to assist clients from particular access and equity groups.

Consistent with the principles and intent of the Plans in place at the former Durack Institute of Technology, CY O'Connor Institute and Goldfields Institute of Technology, a new Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) has been developed. The DAIP highlights key strategies to ensure that people with a disability have the opportunity to be actively involved in all aspects of campus life.

Equity and Access Inclusion Officers

Our Equity and Access Inclusion Officer provides support for students with:

  • A sensory impairment.
  • An intellectual or learning disability.
  • A neurological disability.
  • A physical disability.
  • A cognitive disability.
  • A psychiatric disability.

The support includes:

  • Pre-course counselling.
  • Assistance with course selection and enrolment.
  • Assistance with identifying the most appropriate classroom support and assessment modifications.
  • Access to in-class support, adaptive technologies and specialised equipment.

If you have any specific learning needs or support requirement in relation to your disability or medical condition, please contact the Access and Equity Inclusion Officer at your local campus by calling 1800 672 700.


Students have the right to appeal a decision in relation to:

  • Academic judgement (education and training delivery; curriculum; assessments; student progress; and certification issuance)
  • Misconduct (academic; disciplinary consequences under bylaw 20 of the Central Regional TAFE's bylaws).

Academic Judgement

Assessment processes at Central Regional TAFE are regularly reviewed by lecturers, students and industry to ensure they are relevant and are being implemented appropriately via a rigorous validation process.  All students do however have the right to appeal an assessment decision should they feel one or more of the following criteria were not met:

  • The assessment was not fair, flexible, valid or reliable (principles of assessment)
  • The evidence was not authentic, sufficient, valid or current (rules of evidence)
  • You were not informed about the training, assessment and support services available to you or your rights and obligations in relation to these
  • You did not receive reasonable training, assessment or support services to meet your individual needs
  • You were not provided with sufficient, timely feedback to adjust your performance to demonstrate your skills and knowledge
  • The assessors did not have the required training and/or assessment competencies, or
  • The assessors did not have the required vocational competencies.  

You should initially contact your assessor to discuss the issue.  Should it not be resolved to your satisfaction you should lodge a formal appeal.


You may lodge an appeal to a decision relating to misconduct on the following grounds:

  • There was a failure to comply with procedural fairness

  • There is evidence relating to an allegation of misconduct that was not reasonably ascertainable by the student at or prior to the decision, as the case may be, and that would probably have affected the decision or any penalty imposed

  • The decision an/or penalty were manifestly wrong, excessive or unfair.

How to lodge an appeal

If you believe you have grounds for an appeal then write a letter setting out the grounds for appeal, include as much information and detail and possible and where appropriate, provide relevant evidence supporting the grounds on which you wish to appeal against the decision.  Your letter and supporting documents may be emailed to the Manager Planning and Quality at or posted to:

Manager Planning and Quality
Central Regional TAFE
Locked Bag 103

You can find a template letter here that provides guidance about the type of information that we will need from you to investigate your appeal.

You will then be contacted and advised of the formal appeals process for Central Regional TAFE.

If you would like additional detail regarding our Appeals Policy you can find the full Policy document here.

Consumer rights

As a student of Central Regional TAFE you have rights as a consumer, in accordance with Western Australian laws – further information is available at:

Page last updated May 27, 2020