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Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Why invest in an Apprentice or Trainee?

Employing an Apprentice or Trainee might just be the smartest move you make as an employer. Benefits include: 

  • Having control over the specific training and qualifications your Apprentice receives which can help fill specific needs in your business.
  • Ensuring your workforce has nationally recognised qualifications.
  • Getting the opportunity after the apprenticeship to employ someone who is already familiar with the work ethos and environment of your company.
  • Increased business growth due to having highly skilled staff. 

At Central Regional TAFE, we offer scheduled training for many TAFE Apprenticeships and Traineeships, including pre-apprenticeship training and school-based traineeships.


Pre-Apprenticeship Training

Sometimes called a 'stepping stone' to an apprenticeship, pre-apprenticeship training is a great option for students that haven’t got an apprenticeship or traineeship but are aiming for that in the future.

Pre-apprenticeship training does not necessarily require the student to have an employer, however it may involve some work experience or industry placement as part of the course.


Apprenticeships are full-time employment based training programs that usually last 3-4 years. They combine on-the-job learning and scheduled training with a registered training provider such as CRTAFE.

  • Employment and training for the duration of the apprenticeship;
  • Every opportunity to learn the skills of the trade;
  • Necessary time off work, with pay, to attend and complete the relevant off-the-job training;
  • A working environment and conditions which contribute to the learning of the trade; and
  • The Apprentice’s Training Journal as required for on-the-job assessment. You must ensure that the apprentice brings the Training Journal when attending Central Regional TAFE.


Traineeships are full-time employment-based training programs that usually last 12 months or more. While they are similar to apprenticeships, traineeships tend to focus on vocational or job areas such as office administration, information technology or hospitality.

Please note that in Western Australia, apprentices and trainees are understood as distinct from one another. However, in the Australian Apprenticeships system, all trainees and apprentices are referred to as Australian Apprentices.

  • Employment, training and supervision for the duration of their traineeship;
  • The opportunities they need to learn the skills of the qualification;
  • Paid time off work necessary for the trainee to attend and complete off-the-job training if required;
  • A working environment and conditions that contribute to the trainee’s learning; and
  • A training plan that you develop with us and that is reviewed regularly.

School Based Traineeships

School-based traineeships give full-time secondary students the opportunity to prepare themselves for a career in the workforce. Students who undergo school-based traineeships will work towards secondary graduation and an industry-recognised qualification at the same time. 

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