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Business and Finance

Traineeships offer organisations the opportunity to train an employee in conjunction with a training provider whilst they learn about your specific business process and policy on the job.  The following qualifications are available in across Central Regional TAFE under a traineeship pathway:

  • Certificate II In Business
  • Certificate III in Business
  • Certificate IV in Business
  • Diploma of Business
  • Certificate IV in Leadership & Management
  • Diploma of Leadership & Management
  • Certificate IV in Accounting
  • Certificate IV in Bookkeeping
  • Certificate IV in Human Resources
  • Diploma of Human Resources.

Training Plans are created in conjunction with the employer and employee with the job requirements in mind to ensure the appropriate training is delivered.  On the Job support is offered with all Business delivery with Lecturers attending workplaces regularly. Lecturers provide updates on student progress to the employers on a regular basis.

Team Leader Skill Set

This short four unit nationally recognised skill set focuses on key business and management skills required of team leaders, supervisors. This course also includes a world-renowned psychometric test (SDI®) to ascertain participants individual motivational value systems and those of others. Strength Deployment Inventory® is a self-awareness tool that bridges the gap between motivation and behaviour and provides an eye-opening glimpse into why people do the things that they do and how to improve relationships and manage conflict.

Also available as flexible learning and RPL. 

Dual Certificate IV in Business and Leadership and Management

This course offers a dual Cert IV qualification in Cert IV Business and Cert IV Leadership and Management. The course is run one afternoon per week over an eight month period. Students will complete a number of activities in class each week and complete a number of practical, work-based assignments to demonstrate their competency.

Strength Deployment Inventory©

Forget Myers Briggs!  We have the only Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI©) Facilitators in Western Australia outside of Perth.  SDI© is a self-awareness tool that bridges the gap between motivation and behaviour.  SDI© helps people to understand their motivations and therefore their preferred relating styles and behaviour.

SDI© can strengthen:

  • team building
  • leadership development
  • selling skills
  • customer Service Skills
  • conflict Management Skills, and
  • change Management Skills.

Why not supplement an SDI© course with a Nationally Accredited Management qualification?

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