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English, Languages and Foundation Studies

We offer a range of courses designed to increase the scope of jobs available to you and help you improve your day to day life. Our access courses cater to two broad groups: those who speak English and want to boost their confidence and employability, and those who come from non-English backgrounds and want to learn to understand, speak, read and write English.

The ability to comprehend and speak English is important in Australia. The majority of everyday life is conducted in English, so whether you want to find a job, study in the field of your choice, or simply be able to converse with your neighbour, Central Regional TAFE can help you achieve your goals. We offer English as a Second Language courses that cater to a range of different abilities, from beginner to advanced.

We also have courses designed for those who did not gain a qualification at high school, or never had the opportunity to finish year 12, or who feel they left school too long ago. Our access courses will bring you up to speed with what’s expected in the workplace and will enable you to go onto further study or find employment.

The following qualifications are available to support employees to gain the necessary language, literacy and numeracy skills to support their roles in the workplace. These offerings are not available as a traineeship pathway. They Include:

  • Certificate I in Spoken & Written English
  • Certificate II in Spoken & Written English
  • Certificate III in Spoken & Written English
  • Certificate IV in Spoken & Written English - Employment
  • Certificates I, II and III in General Education for Adults
  • Course and Certificate in Gaining Access to Training and Employment, and
  • Certificate I in New Opportunities for Women.

Literacy Predictor Tool

Central Regional TAFE in Geraldton utilises a predictor tool to determine across all of our vocational qualifications the need by students for additional literacy and numeracy support through the Course in Applied Vocational Study Skills (CAVSS) and the Course in Underpinning Skills in Industry Qualifications (USIQ). This support can be provided directly into the classroom at no additional cost to the student and strengthens outcomes for the students in the group in their vocational offering.

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Page last updated December 02, 2019