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Recognition of Prior Learning

RPL acknowledges that many people acquire skills not only through formal education and training but also through work, life experience or informal training.

Benefits of RPL

  • Gaining a full qualification or credit towards one.
  • Completing a course more quickly.
  • Gaining professional recognition for skills and knowledge you already have.
  • Improving your employment prospects.
  • Providing a pathway to further studies.

Applying for RPL

Contact Central Regional TAFE at info@crtafe.wa.edu.au for further information on getting started.

Be prepared to provide evidence of your skills and knowledge.

Your assessor will explain what you need to provide.

RPL Process

RPL assessment may differ between different qualifications and situations. The general process under the guidance of an assessor may include:

  • self-assessment - before enrolling you complete a self-assessment
  • competency conversation - after you enrol the assessor will interview you.  During this interview you can produce relevant documents such as third party reports, work samples, licenses, academic records, resume, references etc
  • demonstration - following or during the interview the assessor will observe you completing practical activities
  • confirmation - the assessor confirms your claims with any third parties, and
  • completion - the assessor will advise you of the outcome and if further study is required.


RPL Specialties

Diploma of Leadership and Management

A facilitated RPL course that provides you with support to gather evidence and refreshers on the underpinning theory that is so important in management.  Management and Leadership qualifications can demonstrate to prospective employers that you have supplementary skills and knowledge to contribute to the workplace.  In an increasingly competitive job environment contact us now at info@crtafe.wa.edu.au to find out how to receive recognition for your management expertise and experience.


Verification of Competency

Central Regional TAFE offers a variety of Verification of Competencies (VOC’s) in various mining related machinery.  A V.O.C is a method of assessment that is used to demonstrate the worker’s ability to operate equipment and/or undertake the responsibilities of these roles. 

Check out our Short Courses page for more details.

For more information contact 1800 672 700 or email info@crtafe.wa.edu.au

Page last updated December 03, 2019