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CRTAFE and Shire of Northam form training partnership

A new relationship has blossomed between the Northam campus of Central Regional TAFE and the Shire of Northam.
Facilitated by Central Regional TAFE’s Northam Director of Training Services, Delia Pascua-McGlew, the collaboration will see all of the Shire’s staff development and training being provided by Central Regional TAFE Northam.
Ms Pascua-McGlew worked closely with the Shire of Northam’s Human Resources Co-ordinator Bev Jones for more than six months to establish the partnership.
“Our campus will now become the one-stop shop for all of the Shire staff’s professional development and training,” Ms Pascua-McGlew said.
“Our Principal Lecturer, Dr Sharon Ross and I have systematically analysed critical documents such as the Shire’s strategic plan, job descriptions and performance review to develop an individualised training plan.”
Ms Pascua-McGlew said that the Northam campus could provide much of the necessary training and gain access to the resources of all Central Regional campuses and Perth TAFE facilities if required.
“This has been a carefully planned exercise that will benefit the Shire and careers of its employees,” she said.
The Department of Local Government and Communities has seen value in the plan by approving a $60,000 grant to provide training to staff aged under thirty.
According to Ms Jones (up until now) much of the staff training has been completed in Perth.
“It will be much easier and more cost effective to have the training done here,” she said.
Shire of Northam Chief Executive Officer, Jason Whiteaker, said the partnership between the Shire of Northam and Central Regional TAFE will provide significant benefits to both organisations.
“Having our training and development coordinated at a central point is not only very efficient for us, it also highlights our commitment to supporting local industry,” Mr Whiteaker explained.
“Our partnership with Central Regional TAFE includes the development of an organisation-wide training plan to ensure we are closing any skill gaps we have organisationally, while also being proactive with our staff in providing development opportunities.”
Ms Pascua-McGlew believes more shires will consider a similar training partnership.
“We now have the Shire of Merredin and Bruce Rock signed up,” she said.

For more information on training opportunities at Central Regional TAFE contact 1800 672 700.

Page last updated October 06, 2017