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Student art decorates walls in Exmouth

The toilet block at Town Beach in Exmouth is looking fresher than ever thanks to a set of new murals which have been painted on the walls.

The Shire of Exmouth and Central Regional TAFE teamed up for the project as part of the town’s revitalisation works.

TAFE art lecturer Amanda Campbell is leading the project and said there was already a mural on one of the walls, which was painted by TAFE students in 2001.

“We decided it seemed better to honour what was already there by clear-coating it,” she said.

“We would then do four new works on either end.”

So far, Ms Campbell and her team of talented students have completed one of the four pieces, with the others due to be completed by the end of the month.

“The Shire wanted something to be finished in time for the International Whale Shark Conference,” Ms Campbell said.

“We’re working away on the other pieces weekly at TAFE and we’ll spray-paint them by the end of June.”

The opportunity for the students to be involved in a public works project is one the TAFE just couldn’t pass up.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for them to learn a new visual art skill and they get to do it as part of a team, so they don’t have the pressure if it was just one artist,” Ms Campbell said.

“It’s quite exciting to see it all come together.

“There’s a pride in knowing you’re working on something that’s going to be there for a long time.”



Story By: Shannon Beattie | Pilbara News | Murals give toilet block a fresh look

Photo: Marty Hannelly, Jules Bush, Marty Greggory, Kara Bellamente, Jarra Atherton, Lilly Lee, Amanda Campbell and Tajsha Main

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