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What is blended learning?

To support students in continuing their studies through the COVID-19 pandemic, we have adapted our training to a blended learning model. 

Get the best of both worlds.

Many students may have only experienced studying on-campus in a face-to-face classroom environment. Others may already be familiar with various other study options such as online, distance learning, virtual classrooms and discussion groups. Throughout this time of COVID-19 many of us are adapting to a new way of doing things, and blended learning provides a way for all students to continue their studies by combining the best of both worlds.

What is blended learning? 



Blended learning includes a combination of various study modes including:

  • Online resources - i.e Webinars, Blackboard, Microsoft Teams, online tutorials.
  • Interactive Distance Learning - i.e virtual classrooms and discussion groups
  • Printed and electronic workbooks 
  • Increased one-on-one communication with lecturers via email, phone and other online platforms
  • Face-to-face classroom and/or work placements (only for necessary areas) - This includes social distancing and additional cleaning measures. 

In some cases training will be organised in a way where theory components are completed first, then practical training and assessments will be conducted in small groups on campus.

CRTAFE are committed ensuring our students have the resources and support to confidently continue their studies.  

Making it work for you. 

Blended learning provides a more personalised learning environment for students. In many cases you will be provided with online resources or electronic workbooks where you can study at your own pace. Everyone is different! This allows you to complete your study when you are most alert and take breaks when needed. Some learn new concepts quite fast and others prefer to re-read content and take their time in processing and analysing new information, blended learning suits both learning styles! 

You will also have the opportunity to have discussions with classmates and your lecturer outside of the traditional classroom format. 

Remember we are here for you!

Our team is committed to supporting all students with this transition and in making the most of their blended learning training plans. Lecturers are available via phone, email and other online platforms, and our student services teams on campus can provide additional support - contact us on 1800 672 700, via email or send us a message on social media. 


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