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Why study at TAFE?

It all starts here.

If you haven’t heard of Central Regional TAFE before, then you’ve definitely been missing out on the largest training provider around on the West Coast. 

TAFE institutions are registered training organisations that are equipped to educate students across a variety of different topics to varying degrees of education. So if you’re looking to educate yourself on something specific or interested in pursuing a complete education in a certain area, then your local TAFE is definitely the best choice around. 

If you are worried about the choice of study options, then worry less as there are many different courses to choose from. From short courses such as mastering Microsoft PowerPoint or learning about First Aid,  to complete qualifications in areas such as Aerospace, Accounting and IT, Business and Finance; Central Regional TAFE offers up to 980 different courses to choose from. With a large variety of options, there is certainly something to pique your interest.

Flexibility is a must in modern society, especially with how fast-paced everything has become, which is why at Central Regional Tafe, we have created study options to suit any lifestyle. CTAFE offers part-time, full-time, short courses and Diploma qualifications so you can always study at a pace that suits you. The options are bountiful and even better, you can choose to learn on campus or online depending on what’s more convenient for you.

Central Regional TAFE has earned the role of being the Largest Training Provider for a good reason. 

We have only looked at the tip of the iceberg in what we offer so if you need convincing then read ahead.

Everyone Is Welcome

At Central Regional TAFE, we recognise that everyone is different. We understand that many are time poor and require a degree of flexibility when it comes to their study options.  Learning shouldn’t be an impossible task and we’re here to make sure of that. No matter where you’re at in your current stage of life, whether you’ve just left school or looking to switch careers, at Central Regional TAFE, we welcome you with open arms.

With flexible teaching options, a large variety of courses and different certification levels catering for beginners through to professionals, we’re pretty confident that you’ll enjoy learning with us. No matter where you’re at in life, we will always find a solution for you. 

Fast and Cost-Effective

Central Regional TAFE is designed to give our students the best outcomes without wasting time or money.

With Central Regional TAFE you are in control of how long you study with us. Qualifications are broken down into Certificates and Diplomas, and you have the option to finish your education when you are satisfied. All of our courses are taught by qualified teaching staff with current industry experience so that when you leave your study life, you’re prepared for the future. 

If you feel you’re not needing to start entirely from scratch, you can request a recognition of prior learning assessment to enable us to gauge where you’re currently at. We’re always here for you and will work with you to craft an education package that’s right for you. 

Future Pathways

Obtaining a qualification with us opens the doors to many different opportunities, not only professional but academic as well. Gaining a certificate with Central Regional TAFE will allow you to pursue University pathways and further your education in the right direction. 

Make the right choice and begin your journey at Central Regional TAFE.

Partnerships for Growth

As one of the largest training providers in Australia, we’ve had the opportunity to create some great partnerships with respected Australian companies. From this, we are able to remain current with what industry leaders are looking for, translating this into relevant course materials. At Central Regional TAFE, we’re recognised for the leaders we create.