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Aboriginal training services

At Central Regional TAFE, we strive to understand and meet the unique needs of our Aboriginal students and support them in reaching their study goals.

We focus on culturally-informed practices across our campuses so that Aboriginal education and Aboriginal training services are culturally-sensitive and respectful of the practices of the Aboriginal communities and the Aboriginal peoples in our regions.

This, combined with our passion for training our students to be work-ready, resulted in the construction of the Aboriginal Learning Centre in 2015. Located at the Geraldton campus, the purpose of the centre is to provide a safe space for social, cultural, and educational activities for Aboriginal students.

Central Regional TAFE aims to increase participation, promote new learning, as well as training outcomes for Aboriginal students.

The centre provides state-of-the-art learning activity rooms and open courtyards for multi-purpose learning, as well as a fire pit and large deck area for Aboriginal performances and events that can be used by people of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal backgrounds.

The venue allows for harmonious celebration of Aboriginal culture and practices, as well as the introduction of its rich culture and history to other non-Aboriginal students.

Contact Details

If you’re looking to hire the Aboriginal Learning Centre for an event, a performance, or any kind of training program, please contact Pam Francis directly:

9956 2704