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Central Regional TAFE is proud to offer the Australian Migrant English Program (AMEP) to new migrants to Australia. Moving to a new country can be challenging, especially if there is a language barrier to overcome. Being in a foreign place, away from your native country, and being unable to understand and communicate with other people can make life difficult, not just by restricting the building of social ties with other people, but also limiting your ability to work and live. This is because having a lack of English language comprehension and speaking skills can be the cause of socioeconomic hardship, and can limit integration into Australian society. As such, the provision of a high quality program that focuses on the development of foundational English language skills can go a long way in helping eligible migrants and humanitarian entrants participate in Australian society on their own terms.

Adult Migrant English Program

Eligible migrants to Australia can avail of the AMEP program, which was made to provide a professional space for English language learning in the context of teaching English as a second language for adults. Delivered part-time or full-time in a face-to-face classroom setting, or by means of distance learning in certain AMEP providers, there are options to suit every migrant’s varying needs and circumstances.

There is no fee for eligible migrants and refugees if they choose to undertake this program, and depending on your personal circumstances, you will be offered a number of hours of free English courses, with a maximum of 510 hours offered. In AMEP, you will learn not just foundational English skills, but also information about Australian society, culture, and customs, that will be extremely beneficial for life in Australia.

Because this program is offered to new migrants to Australia, these classes provide an opportunity for migrants learning English to network and create lasting connections that will be valuable as they begin to integrate into Australian society. 

Aside from being a new migrant with a valid visa, permanent residency, or humanitarian visa, you must also meet specific time frames from the date of your visa commencement, or your arrival in Australia, to avail of this program. You must register with an AMEP service provider such as Central Regional TAFE within six months of arrival, begin studying within twelve months of your arrival, and complete your hours of tuition within five years.

Interested migrants have two study options available to them if they choose to undertake this program. AMEP can be studied full time, 20 hours per week either during the morning or the afternoon, or part time, with a study load of less than 20 hours per week. This flexibility provides prospective students with the ability to balance other life and work and commitments while developing their English skills over time.

The Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training. If you have children under school-age, participating in the AMEP can also provide you with access to free childcare services for the duration of the program.