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Important changes to student systems and services for 2017

information for current students who studied in 2016

New Student ID

If you were a student in 2016 and have enrolled for 2017, it is important to note that you have been issued with a new Student ID.
You will have received an email confirming what your new Student ID is, but if you are unsure you can enquire at the Client Services team or by speaking with your lecturer.

You will need to know what your Student ID is so that you can access the student network and other online systems.


  As a continuing student, when will I find out about my new Student ID?
A   The new student IDs will be available from 1 January 2017. Continuing students will be informed of their new Student ID when you enrol for 2017 or are issued with a statement that includes the Student ID such as the Record of Results.

Q   As a continuing student, what will happen once I am issued with a new ID?
A   You will need to use your new ID to login to the college network and to access other student systems like Blackboard and the Student Portal.

  If I am having trouble logging in to the network, who should I contact?
A   In the first instance, contact Central Regional TAFE via email at info@crtafe.wa.edu.au 

Q   Can I login at any other TAFE college using my Student ID and password?
A   No. You can only access the network of the TAFE you are enrolled with.

learner questionnaires

We invite our students and employers to take part in a survey being conducted by Central Regional TAFE to seek your views on the quality of our education and training.  Find our Surveys here.

These surveys are carried out to collect feedback from students and employers about their training experience with Central Regional TAFE. We use this feedback as part of our continuous improvement processes to ensure we continue to provide quality training and assessment to our clients.  

Page last updated September 03, 2018