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Entering a new career, or building up new skills for career progression, can be an exciting time. Whether you are wanting to start a course full-time, wanting to get an official qualification for your current position, or just trying to figure out if you will be able to balance work and study, there are a variety of options available to you to suit your needs at Central Regional TAFE, so you can focus on developing your skillset for the job that you really want.

How To Balance Work and Study

Working part-time, as a casual, or as a full-time employee? Our courses are available in different, flexible delivery modes to help you balance work and study, ranging from part-time delivery, online mode, and even traineeships and apprenticeships that will get you relevant work experience and go towards your study credits at the same time. Balancing work and study has never been easier! With flexible courses on offer year-round, we will work with you towards your learning outcomes, whatever they may be, so that you can work and study at the same time, maximise the benefits of your chosen course, and get started on your career progression in your own time.

What Are Micro-Credentials?

If you are keen on improving a specific skill, you can choose to undergo a micro-credential, which is simply a certification-style qualification that builds on specific skills that you can add to your career repertoire. Having these official qualifications not only enhances your skills, but also enhances employability and career prospects.

We have a variety of options of micro-credentials to choose from at Central Regional TAFE. From our Microsoft Office Skills Set program, to Portrait Photography, you will be able to find a micro-credential, short course, or skill set program which will definitely hone your skills for your chosen industry while providing you with suitable qualifications no matter where you choose to go in your career.

Getting Your Experience Recognised

If you are after a chance to progress to a more senior position within the industry that you are in, developing your knowledge and getting supervisory skills with our courses is a great way to boost your expertise and enhance your career prospects at the same time. If you are beginning a new course, and wish to get prior experience recognised to establish credit or advanced standing in your chosen program, you can get started by contacting us and asking about our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). 

RPL acknowledges not only formal, but also informal learning that you have acquired from past and current work experience, life experience, as well as previous training and education. Our assessors validate RPL by means of reviewing evidence of prior learning, such as proof of training attendance, existing academic records, and a review of procedures in the workplace as relevant to the chosen qualification. Getting RPL not only means that you can obtain a formal qualification in a shorter period of time, but also can provide you with a pathway into further study and training, too.