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Find your path and get set up for a successful career with Central Regional TAFE!

With over 185 courses to choose from, and flexible training options to suit your lifestyle and learning requirements, studying with us gives you what you need for a fantastic start to your career.

Be Inspired

Want to know the different pathways that will get you to your dream career? Or not sure what you want to study? The first step is to get inspired. There is no end to possibilities. 

It is totally ok if you do not have a clear career goal right away. In fact, a lot of people are in the same boat. If that is you, spend some time learning about different industries, jobs and yourself. You could even get a taster for a particular industry by taking a short course at TAFE. 

Still at high school?

Taking a VETDSS course can give you a head start towards your dream career. Or if you are not sure what you want to do, a VETDSS course can be the taster which helps you narrow down your career goals.

It is totally ok to change your mind too. Many people change careers, sometimes even multiple times in their lives. It is never too late to make a start towards a career that you will find rewarding!

If you are wondering how to choose a career that is right for you, why not speak to one of our career counsellors? They help many people like you think through the possibilities to pick a rewarding and fulfilling career pathway.

Be Real

At Central Regional TAFE, we are all about providing real people with real training for real jobs. When you study or undergo training with us, you will learn practical skills to prepare you for real workplaces.

We get that real people need training solutions which meet their needs. Whether you are a school leaver, stay at home parent, mature aged student or are looking to upskill, we offer flexible training options to suit your lifestyle and learning requirements. You can study with us full-time or part-time, take an online accredited course or study under a flexible schedule.

Which course is right for you?

Whether you have something in mind or aren’t sure where to start, check out our range of courses to see what is possible when you study with Central Regional TAFE.

Which qualification is right for you?

We offer the opportunity to gain a wide range of qualifications, including nationally recognised qualifications up to the Advanced Diploma level and non-accredited training courses. We also have a range of short courses and skill development solutions. 

Be Connected

Study with us and open the door to connections with industry experts and teachers who can help guide you towards career success. Our team of lecturers and teachers are passionate about passing on their knowledge and skills to empower people like you.

What’s more, we work closely with industry partners and local communities to ensure that we deliver quality training that is relevant. Study or train with us and get plugged into opportunities within your industry of interest.


Find Your Path

Ready to make your future and start your career with Central Regional TAFE? 

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