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Recognition of prior learning and experience

What is Recognition of Prior Learning and Experience?

Already studied or have industry experience? Recognition of Prior Learning counts your previous study or on-the-job experience towards your qualification with us. That means less time studying, and lower total course fees. Just speak to our friendly course advisers to find out if you qualify.

What counts as prior learning?

You can get recognised via two options: 

  • If you’ve previously completed relevant qualifications, you may be able to gain credits towards your chosen course. This means you could skip re-doing some units, or even get into a different course entirely. 
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) will look at learning you’ve done in the past. This could be from both work and life experiences, certificates and references (both professional and personal). 

The benefits of RPL

If your Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) application is successful, you'll be able to: 

  • Receive a full qualification or credits towards your chosen course.
  • Cut down on full course fees if you receive any credits. 
  • Reduce the time it takes to complete your course. 
  • Get recognition for your current skills and experience. 

    Applying for RPL

    The RPL process is broken into 5 steps: 

    1. Self-assessment 
      Before applying you need to complete a self-assessment checklist.
    2. Competency conversation 
      A pre-assessment interview is held to figure out the best way of assessing your skills. This is where you present any relevant documents or information like licenses, work samples, resume, etc.
    3. Demonstration 
      During or after the pre-interview the assessor will watch how you perform tasks and activities relating to what your RPL is applying for.
    4. Confirmation 
      The assessor will speak to the references or third parties you included in your application to confirm the documentation you provided.
    5. Completion 
      The assessor will explain to you if your skill and experience meet the RPL requirements. If anything further is needed for your application, the assessor will let you know.

    Contact Us

    Start your application process by contacting our RPL team today. 

    1800 672 700