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Recruiting graduates

Employ a TAFE student or graduate from Central Regional TAFE and get an employee who has had hands-on experience in your industry.

What makes our students stand out?

At Central Regional TAFE, we are passionate about providing outstanding education and training to prepare students for their future in the workforce. Our courses and programs focus on giving them real-world skills and knowledge to equip them with everything they need to be a successful employee.

Are you thinking about recruiting graduates? Here’s why our graduates stand out:

Our students get real-world, practical training
When our students graduate, we want them to be ready to hit the ground running in their industry. That’s why our education and training emphasises real-word, practical skills that they will use in their future workplaces. We not only prepare our students with the relevant industry knowledge they need; they also gain the skills required to be a value-adding employee.

We maintain strong industry links & partnerships
Central Regional TAFE has an excellent track record establishing and maintaining strong industry links and partnerships. This ensures that our education and training remains current and relevant so that our graduates are well-equipped to add value to their future workplaces. 

Our educators are experts and industry leaders
Our students are trained by some of the best teachers and lecturers in Western Australia. All our educators are well-respected in their relevant industries for their expertise and experience.

We have excellent assessment practices
We believe students should be trained and assessed for skills that they will actually use in their future. Our assessment practice emphasises real workplace conditions, and many assessments are actually undertaken in real workplaces.

Have a job vacancy?

Advertise on the Jobs and Skills Centres jobs board

The Jobs and Skills Centre jobs board helps connect employers in Western Australia with qualified jobseekers. If your business has a vacancy to fill, you can advertise on the jobs board. 

Visit the jobs board

Employ Aboriginal Students and Graduates

The Jobs and Skills Centre has a specific Aboriginal jobs board for businesses to attract and recruit Aboriginal employees. For registered employers, this service is completely free and lets you create your own advertisements and post them to the jobs board.

Visit the Aboriginal jobs board

Contact Details
For more information or to make an inquiry about advertising on the jobs board, please contact your nearest Jobs and Skills Centre by calling 13 64 64.

The Jobs and Skills Centres at Central Regional TAFE are located on the following campuses: 

  • Geraldton
  • Kalgoorlie
  • Northam

Alternatively, you can find a list of all the centres in Western Australia by visiting the Jobs and Skills Centres website.

Need advice about attracting and recruiting employees who stand out?

TAFE Jobs and Skills Centres provide professional advice and assistance to support local employers and business owners. If you need assistance with attracting and recruiting employees, training your existing employees or advice about workforce planning, the Jobs and Skills Centre staff can help. 

The Jobs and Skills Centre services include: 

  • help with recruiting employees, including apprentices and trainees;
  • opportunity to advertise on our online jobs board or Aboriginal-specific jobs board;
  • advice and resources on Aboriginal recruitment and retention;
  • workforce planning advice and resources; and
  • practical information on training and services to suit enterprise-specific needs.

Contact Details
Call 13 64 64 to talk to your nearest Jobs and Skills Centre
For more information visit