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Study English at TAFE

If you’re a student from a non-English speaking background, and wish to hone your English speaking and comprehension skills, consider choosing to study English at TAFE. You will find that in order to navigate Australia, whether you are here to visit, work, or live, it is essential to have a deep understanding of the English language, and have the skills to speak and write as required. Having a limited understanding of English can restrict your opportunities and limit your choices. Being able to communicate well ensures that you can participate in society, seek and maintain a job position, and live the best life you can achieve.

Developing your language and literacy skills can go a long way in attaining employment and ensuring that you can participate and contribute to the larger community. Not only that, but it will open up a pathway for you to go into further study if your career goals require this, and will help develop and hone your study skills, too. Learning the basics, and developing communication skills on a strong foundation of English can set you apart and open up a world of opportunity.

Study English

At Central Regional TAFE, you can choose to develop your literacy skills with our Spoken and Written English qualifications from Cert I to III. This bridging qualification for adults who have English as a second language focuses on developing practical skills such as literacy and numeracy, and helps learners understand vocabulary, rules of grammar, and pronunciation, which will then help raise confidence in speaking, reading, and comprehension skills as the program progresses.

In general, you will find that your skill development will focus on basic speaking and listening, basic reading and writing, learning study skills, and gaining further knowledge of Australian society, customs, and practices and how to communicate in this context, which can be invaluable when seeking employment or integrating into the greater community. Not only this, but you’ll also learn language skills for job interviews, hone your writing skills, and develop intermediate math writing instructions as required.

Our English courses are accredited by NEAS Australia, and TAFE is a member of English Australia. So you can be assured that you will be receiving a high quality and professional English language development course when you begin.

Flexible Course Options

If you choose to study English at TAFE, you may be able to take advantage of our flexible course options. This can range from face-to-face delivery, part-time, or you can even study English online with TAFE by means of online learning. We are determined to offer flexible options for every learner in order to assist them with their learning goals, so contact us if you’re wanting to tailor your TAFE experience to your needs, whether it’s taking less units during the semester to ensure that you have an appropriate study load to balance with other obligations, or if you’re unsure about the fit of the course for your specific circumstances.