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Customised training and workforce solutions

Why train your workforce?

When businesses invest in advancing the skills and knowledge of their workforce, they are better able to remain competitive. If you suspect a training gap in your business, addressing the problem through effective training can help strengthen these weak areas. What’s more, employees with better training tend to be more competent at their job, more confident in their role and overall more satisfied.

    Customised training solutions that are as unique as your business

    At Central Regional TAFE, we understand that your business is unique and hence a one size fits all approach to training is insufficient. Instead, our approach is to provide training and workshop solutions that are customisable and flexible to meet the specific needs and goals of your business. We are passionate about providing your business with the skills, business knowledge and confidence they need to see long term success.

    Our commitments to you are: 

    • Flexibility - We will deliver our programs at a location of your preference and at a time that suits your schedule, whether that be day, night or weekends. 
    • A Strong Focus on Quality - We do not compromise on quality. All our programs are relevant and practical and aimed at meeting the specific goals and needs of your business.
    • Customer Service - Our lecturers offer current expertise in their industry areas and excellent teaching skills. We will select the right person to deliver training that meets your business needs, schedule and budget.
    • Innovation - We believe in the power of technology to improve the enjoyment and efficiency of training. That’s why we aim to incorporate state of the art technologies and up to date systems in our approach to training solutions.

    What training does your business need?

    Do you have something particular in mind? We can provide you with a range of customised training and workshop solutions to suit your needs. Just ask! 

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    Need some ideas? See some of our popular customised industry training programs below.

    Management Training

    Aboriginal Diploma of Management

    We offer a Diploma of Management for developing and strengthening the management skills of Aboriginal people. To ensure relevant and culturally appropriate delivery and assessment strategies, our Management Lecturer works closely with our Aboriginal Regional Training Coordinator. 

    Numeracy & Literacy

    Our numeracy and literacy assessments for employers assist in determining appropriate training and professional development options for their staff.

    Intensive Customisable Management Courses

    Short intensive courses in management are aimed at enhancing the skills of people working in managerial positions. The courses cover key topics such as managerial theories and best practice in fields such as operational planning, managing staff and managing projects.

    We offer these short intensive management courses at our Geraldton campus, and our program features: 

    • Fully customisable content focus and delivery
    • 16 weeks, one day per week attendance
    • Practical assignments that benefit participants and their employer
    • Psychometric testing using the Strength Deployment Inventory
    • A focus on the BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management or BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management pending suitability and experience of participants.

    Strength Deployment Inventory

    Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) is a self-awareness tool that bridges the gap between motivation and behaviour. It is designed to help people understand what motivates them. This can therefore help them better understand their behaviours and preferred ways of relating to others. At CR TAFE, we have the only SDI facilitators in Western Australia outside of Perth.

    SDI is great for strengthening: 

    • Team building
    • Leadership development
    • Selling skills
    • Customer service skills
    • Conflict management skills 
    • Change management skills

    Science & Environment Training

    Applied Science

    We have a suite of applied science programs that can be used to upskill new and existing employees. 

    These include:

    • Traineeships
    • Recognition of Prior Learning 
    • Workplace Assessment options

    We also offer face-to-face delivery in a fully equipped laboratory for gaining skills in such an environment. 

    Show me the courses!

    Environmental Monitoring

    Our Environmental Monitoring and Technology department offers face to face programs and a suite of other programs and delivery modes that can be used to upskill employees. 

    Learn more about the courses we have on offer in this field by clicking the link below.

    Show me the courses!

    Industry Based Workforce Solutions

    Verification of Competency

    Verification of Competency (VOC) is a method of assessment used to demonstrate a worker’s ability to operate equipment and undertake the related responsibilities. We offer a variety of VOC’s for numerous mining related machinery.