Visual Arts

If you have a passion for creating things that make an impact, our Visual Arts courses give you the opportunity to hone your skills and fine-tune your style. Visual Arts is such a broad field, covering everything from design, sculpture and textiles to painting, drawing and print-making. If you have an interest in a particular medium, Visual Arts Courses at TAFE offer a great opportunity to dive deeper under the guidance of experienced and reputable lecturers. 

Visual Arts courses are not just for those who are seeking a career in the creative industries. Whatever your story is, visual arts training provides you with the opportunity to widen your perspective, build your focus and explore your inner mind. Not to mention it’s a great way to reduce stress and increase enjoyment!

Where do you want to go? Studies in visual arts can open the door to exciting careers opportunities in:

  • public art,
  • fashion design,
  • art administration,
  • events coordination,
  • as well as self-employment opportunities as a ceramicist, illustrator and painter.

Areas of Specialisation

  • Design
    Study topics such as textile and fashion design, wearable art and decorative arts.
  • 3D Sculpture
    Learn how to prepare surfaces and assemble sculptures out of materials such as paper, metal and fabric.
  • Visual Arts
    Develop your skills in drawing, painting, printmaking, textiles, still lifes, landscapes, portraiture and architecture.
  • Mixed Media
    Gain skills in 2D and 3D painting, mixed media creations, collage and fabric.
  • Recycled Luxe
    Passionate about recycling and repurposing objects? Learn with us about deconstruction, reconstruction and redesign.
  • Textiles
    Learn skills in hand and machine sewing, painting and printing on fabric, dyeing fabric and recycling fashion garments.

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Visual Arts Courses

State ID: KAC83
Industry Creative Industries

Encaustic Painting Skill Set

Get creative exploring encaustic art.

If you've been curious about encaustics then this beginner course will provide you with the skills to start making your own encaustic paintings.

Delivered at:

Study modes:

On campus

Explore encaustic art, and elevate your paintings. 

Encaustic is one of the oldest forms of painting using wax layers applied hot and then reheated to fuse the layers together. In this course, you'll be encouraged to explore encaustic art by gaining a core understanding of fundamental techniques and different styles of application and design. By the end of the course, you'll have a strong baseline understanding for launching yourself into encaustic art. 


Skill set
National ID: CUA31020
State ID: BGT8
Industry Creative Industries

Certificate III in Screen and Media

Your career in the media starts here.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant and exciting media industry. You'll gain practical skills and knowledge, as well as develop your critical and creative thinking skills.

Delivered at:

Study modes:

On campus
VET Delivered to Secondary Students

Mix your own demo, present live on-air and film and edit your own masterpieces. 

This qualification is the perfect platform to kick-start your career in the media industry. Industry experts guide you to use industry-standard equipment and software. You'll learn and develop media skills, including the basics of sound recording and editing, video production, post-production, and skills for broadcast production or presentation. 

Begin your journey into mastering your creativity, learning to write content for all types of media, and producing content for any platform, from Facebook to the film studio floor. Change how you think and feel about the media, develop your critical and creative thinking skills and open your mind to the possibilities of the media industry. 

Certificate III
National ID: CUA60715
State ID: AZL6
Industry Creative Industries
VET Student Loans (VSL)

Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts

Make a career out of making beautiful things.

This qualification will further enhance your skills and knowledge of visual arts to a para-professional level. Your skills in your chosen field will be further refined, and the only limiter to your arts career will be your imagination.

Delivered at:

Study modes:

On campus

Take your visual arts career to the next level.

Visual artists work within and across many mediums, and their practice may incorporate ceramics, digital art, glasswork, drawing and illustration, jewellery making, painting, photo media, printmaking, public art, sculpture, textiles or wood design.

You'll develop technical, creative and conceptual skills to originate, realise and exhibit a substantial body of resolved work that expresses their own creative vision.

Employment outcomes as a paid artist and professional visual arts professional are endless. You may obtain work as a consultant or commissioned artist for private and public sector organisations. 

Advanced Diploma
National ID: CUA31120
State ID: BGV9
Industry Creative Industries

Certificate III in Visual Arts

Sculpt your skills and your career path.

Your career in Visual Arts is only limited by your imagination. Build on your current skills and knowledge in this course and expand your expertise across a wider range of visual art disciplines.

Delivered at:

Study modes:

On campus
VET Delivered to Secondary Students

Creativity starts here.

In this qualification, you'll learn how to create two and three-dimensional forms in a variety of visual arts areas.

Our training will help you visualise, develop and present ideas and images and give you the skills to design and produce paintings, sculptures, ceramics, textiles, printmaking and electronic art and experiment with materials and techniques. You will also develop knowledge of art history and theory and gain an understanding of current art issues and trends.

Certificate III
National ID: CUA51120
State ID: BGR9
Industry Creative Industries
VET Student Loans (VSL)

Diploma of Visual Arts

Your career in visual arts is in your hands.

This qualification will enhance your skills and knowledge in selected areas of visual art and craft, with options to focus on painting, print media, ceramics, sculpture and digital art.

Delivered at:

Study modes:

On campus

Turn your passion into a career.

Take on complicated art projects with a developed skill set and knowledge of various materials and mediums. You'll have the opportunity to focus on areas such as painting, print media, ceramics, sculpture and digital media and refine these skills in studio classes designed to bring your ideas to reality.

Visual artists may work in their own practice, or in a wide range of contexts across the arts, government, community or commercial organisations.

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