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Fishing Operations

Be job ready with the skills and knowledge needed to take your first step on board as a deckhand or fishing hand, working on a commercial fishing boat. These skills and knowledge could also see you working on tourist or charter boats, work boats, ferries, and dive boats.

You will learn about the operation of fishing gear and equipment; processing and temperature control of fishing harvests; cleaning and maintenance of equipment and vessels; handling, harvesting and sorting by catch; and much more. You will also learn a broad range of processes and procedures which may include maintaining fishing gear, operating small vessels, using deck equipment, seafood processing, and basic marine science skills.

  • Fisher
  • General Deckhand


    Certificate II in Fishing Operations

    National ID SFI20219 | State ID BEI4

    Get on board with a fishing career today.

    Become a deckhand in the fishing industry with this pathway course to commercial fishing, ferries, charter boats and more. Love working on the open ocean? This qualification is for you.

    Study Modes
    • On campus
    • VET Delivered to Secondary Students

    Marine Radio Skill Set

    State ID KAA45

    Tune into an open ocean career.

    Learn to communicate accurately and efficiently to provide and receive information that can keep others safe while they're on open water on commercial vessels.

    Study Modes
    • Flexible