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CPC32420 Certificate III in Plumbing

CPC32420 Certificate III in Plumbing

National ID CPC32420 State ID BGC2

Fix everything including the kitchen sink.

Your career in plumbing starts here. When you complete a Certificate III in Plumbing you'll be looking at an in-demand (and possibly lucrative) career as a plumber or gasfitter.

Plumbing lecturer with student

This course is half price for everyone (excl. school students) as part of the Lower Fees, Local Skills initiative. Fees are also capped at $1,200; or $400 if you're aged 15—24 or eligible for a concession. Find out more here.

^ You’ll pay half price course fees on Lower fees, Local Skills qualifications, however please note other fees may apply such as for resources that are specifically needed for your course.


When Available all year round.

Study Mode Apprenticeship. Workplace.

Does your career pipe dream involve real pipes?

Please note, this course can only be accessed by an employed plumbing apprentice, if this course interests you, please speak to your employer or employment agency about signing up as an apprentice.

In this course you will gain the knowledge and skills to work effectively in the construction industry, how to safely install, alter, and repair pipework services and appliances to suit domestic, commercial and industrial needs, cold and hot water supply, gas supply, sewage, waste and rainwater disposal, how to install and repair roofing, gutters and drainpipes, and how to make buildings waterproof, and workplace health and safety.

Personal requirements:

  • Enjoy practical work
  • Good hand-eye coordination
  • Able to work independently
  • Able to work at heights and in various weather conditions
  • Able to cope with the physical demands of the job, and
  • Good interpersonal skills and good mobility.

Some of the knowledge and skills you will gain are:

  • Preparing and/or studying plans and specifications to determine the layout of plumbing systems and materials needed.
  • Finding and marking positions for connections, measuring pipes and marking cutting or bending lines, then cutting holes through walls and floors to accommodate pipes.
  • Cutting, threading and bending pipes, assembling and installing piping, valves and fittings, joining pipe sections and securing pipes.
  • Testing lines as required by local plumbing regulations.
  • Installing equipment such as boilers, chillers, pumps, heating and cooling systems, gas appliances, water tanks, water heaters and solar water heating systems, and fixtures such as toilets, washbasins and industrial processing units.
  • Welding and braising pipework (steel, copper, plastic and stainless steel).
  • System testing and commissioning.
  • Maintaining and repairing plumbing systems.

Half price fees apply!


Important information

Select your preferred campus and apply

Available all year round, 2024


When Available all year round, 2024
Where Geraldton
How Apprenticeship

Units and fees

To attain this qualification, you are required to successfully complete fifty eight (58) units of competence, comprising forty three (43) core and fifteen (15) elective units selected from the options provided below. On-the-job learning must also be completed to achieve this qualification under Apprenticeship arrangements.

For an approximate fee estimate, mark the boxes below corresponding to the number of units needed for this course. The estimated fees will be displayed on the right-hand side.


National ID Unit title General fee Concession Resource fee
CPCCCM2012 Work safely at heights $25.92 $7.68 $20.57
CPCPCM2039 Carry out interactive workplace communication $19.44 $5.76 $14.30
CPCPCM2040 Read plans, calculate quantities and mark out materials $40.50 $12.00 $30.53
CPCPCM2041 Work effectively in the plumbing services sector $25.92 $7.68 $19.44
CPCPCM2043 Carry out WHS requirements $55.08 $16.32 $41.91
CPCPCM2045 Handle and store plumbing materials $19.44 $5.76 $14.30
CPCPCM2046 Use plumbing hand and power tools $56.70 $16.80 $43.00
CPCPCM2047 Carry out levelling $19.44 $5.76 $14.30
CPCPCM2048 Cut and join sheet metal $25.92 $7.68 $19.44
CPCPCM2054 Carry out simple concreting and rendering $38.88 $11.52 $29.14
CPCPCM2055 Work safely on roofs $24.30 $7.20 $18.70
CPCPCM3021 Flash penetrations through roofs and walls $48.60 $14.40 $50.00
CPCPCM3022 Weld polymer pipes using fusion method $12.96 $3.84 $10.10
CPCPCM3023 Fabricate and install non-ferrous pressure piping $25.92 $7.68 $19.44
CPCPCM3024 Prepare simple drawings $32.40 $9.60 $24.75
CPCPCM3025 Install trench support $25.92 $7.68 $19.44
CPCPDR2021 Locate and clear blockages $16.20 $4.80 $12.05
CPCPDR2025 Install stormwater and sub-soil drainage systems and drain work site $32.40 $9.60 $24.75
CPCPDR2026 Install prefabricated inspection openings and inspection chambers $32.40 $9.60 $24.75
CPCPDR3021 Plan layout and install below ground sanitary drainage systems $56.70 $16.80 $43.00
CPCPDR3023 Install on-site domestic wastewater treatment plants and disposal systems $40.50 $12.00 $30.53
CPCPFS3031 Fabricate and install fire hydrant and hose reel systems $45.36 $13.44 $34.45
CPCPGS3048 Install gas pressure control equipment $19.44 $5.76 $671.51
CPCPGS3049 Install gas appliance flues $19.44 $5.76 $14.30
CPCPGS3051 Purge consumer piping $32.40 $9.60 $24.75
CPCPGS3053 Disconnect and reconnect Type A gas appliances $25.92 $7.68 $19.44
CPCPGS3054 Calculate and install natural ventilation for Type A gas appliances $19.44 $5.76 $14.30
CPCPGS3056 Size and install consumer gas piping systems $48.60 $14.40 $360.08
CPCPGS3059 Install LPG storage of aggregate storage capacity up to 500 litres $19.44 $5.76 $14.30
CPCPGS3061 Install and commission Type A gas appliances $38.88 $11.52 $29.14
CPCPRF2023 Collect and store roof water $38.88 $11.52 $29.14
CPCPRF3022 Fabricate and install roof drainage systems $64.80 $19.20 $261.52
CPCPRF3023 Fabricate and install external flashings $58.32 $17.28 $44.48
CPCPRF3024 Install roof components $64.80 $19.20 $49.76
CPCPSN3011 Plan the layout of a residential sanitary plumbing system and fabricate and install sanitary stacks $64.80 $19.20 $49.76
CPCPSN3022 Install discharge pipes $51.84 $15.36 $40.37
CPCPWT3020 Connect and install storage tanks to a domestic water supply $32.40 $9.60 $24.75
CPCPWT3021 Set out and install water services $38.88 $11.52 $29.14
CPCPWT3022 Install and commission water heating systems and adjust controls and devices $64.80 $19.20 $314.16
CPCPWT3025 Install water pumpsets $12.96 $3.84 $10.10
CPCPWT3026 Install and fit off sanitary fixtures, water services and adjust water service controls $64.80 $19.20 $49.76
CPCPWT3027 Install backflow prevention devices $12.96 $3.84 $10.10
HLTAID011 Provide First Aid $29.16 $8.64 $50.00


National ID Unit title General fee Concession Resource fee
Erect and dismantle restricted height scaffolding
$25.92 $7.68 $20.57
Operate elevated work platforms up to 11 metres
$25.92 $7.68 $50.00
Apply WHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry
$51.84 $15.36 $24.75
Weld mild steel using oxy-acetylene equipment
$12.96 $3.84 $10.10
Install LPG systems in caravans, mobile homes and mobile workplaces
$32.40 $9.60 $24.75
Install LPG systems in marine craft
$32.40 $9.60 $24.75
Maintain Type A gas appliances
$12.96 $3.84 $10.10
Install gas sub-meters
$9.72 $2.88 $6.81
Design and size consumer gas installations
$113.40 $33.60 $86.22
Set out, install and commission irrigation systems
$12.96 $3.84 $10.10
Install pre-treatment facilities
$16.20 $4.80 $12.05
Install and maintain domestic water treatment equipment
$12.96 $3.84 $10.10
Install water pipe systems
$116.64 $34.56 $86.22
Conduct hydraulic excavator operations
$97.20 $28.80 $25.82
Conduct skid steer loader operations without attachments
$110.16 $32.64 $0.56
Enter and work in confined spaces
$38.88 $11.52 $12.05

Please note: Course information and fees are subject to change without notice.

  • Fees may differ between campus locations due to the difference between elective units in the course study plan or a need to adapt courses to meet local industry needs.
  • Fees may also differ for individuals depending on units of study selected, prior qualifications and recognition of prior learning (RPL).
  • Fees are payable at the time of enrolment.
  • Total fees quoted include tuition fees and resource fees. You may also be required to purchase text books, uniforms or other personal equipment that are not included in this fee estimate.
  • For Lower Fees, Local Skills (half-price) courses please refer to additional eligibility information above.
  • Concession rates: If eligible, proof of concession must be presented.
  • Concessions and the secondary school age fee cap do not apply to commercial courses (short courses), or Foundation Programs (i.e ESL and General Education).
  • Secondary school aged persons (in 2024, students born on or after 1 July 2006 who are at least 15 years old in 2024) undertaking training that is not part of a VET Delivered to Secondary Schools program, the maximum course (tuition) fee chargeable is $420. Additional resource fees and discretionary fees may apply. 
  • VET Student Loans for eligible courses and fee caps may be subject to changes implemented by the Australian Government.

More information: Visit our fees and payment options page or call us on 1800 672 700

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