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Automotive Electrical

Nowadays, cars and vehicles are essential tools for life. They aren’t just ways to get from point a to b, they also provide ease and convenience, and help us to spend more time on life’s great moments. For many, cars are not just a way to get to places easily, they’re also a way to express individuality and style, too. So when it comes to the automotive industry, you’ll find that there’s a wide array of opportunities available for people like you who are interested in working with cars and vehicles. But what if you’re interested in learning what makes cars run, and want to learn more about the inner workings of automobiles? Studying an auto electrical course at TAFE will give you the practical skills and knowledge needed to start off a career in the automotive electrical industry.


Automotive electrical courses at Central Regional TAFE are offered on apprenticeship pathways. Combining on the job learning and scheduled training using a full-time employment based training program, you’ll spend 3-4 years learning the tricks of the trade, and gathering valuable experience that will open up a diverse range of job opportunities upon completion.

Automotive Electrical Courses

^ You’ll pay half price course fees on Lower fees, Local Skills qualifications, however please note other fees may apply such as for resources that are specifically needed for your course.
National ID: AUR20220
State ID: BGA7
Industry Automotive
Half price^

Certificate II in Automotive Air Conditioning Technology

Feeling cold about your auto career? This is one hot opportunity.

Work in the automotive industry servicing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. You'll learn practical skills in retrofitting, modifying, diagnosing, repairing faults and more.

Study modes:

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
Intensive Blocks
On campus

Take your career in the automotive industry to the next level.

Advance your career in the automotive industry. When you complete Certificate II in Automotive Air Conditioning Technology you will have the skills and knowledge to work effectively in the automotive industry servicing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, retrofitting and modifying, diagnosing and repairing faults, whilst learning to work safely in the workplace.

This qualification offers a credit transfer or Recognition of Prior Learning  (RPL) for the vehicle servicing component within the Certificate II in Automotive Technology.

Please note: Central Regional TAFE offers this as a standalone course for apprentices completing AUR30616 Certificate III in Light Vehicle Technology or AUR30316 Certificate III in Automotive Electrical Technology and/or to existing tradespersons

Certificate II
National ID: AUR30316
State ID: BAD3
Industry Automotive
Half price^

Certificate III in Automotive Electrical Technology

Spark up a career that’s always in need.

Gain the skills to service, diagnose and repair electrical systems and components in a range of vehicles by completing this hands-on apprenticeship.

Delivered at:

Study modes:


Start your engines - your automotive career begins here.

A Certificate III in Automotive Electrical Technology will give you a start in the automotive electrical industry. You will gain vital skills and knowledge including electric and electronic diagnosis and repair, vehicle wiring, overhauling alternators and starter motors, electronic drive systems, electric vehicle charging systems and workplace safety and health.

Half price fees apply!

Certificate III
National ID: AUR20520
State ID: AC33
Industry Automotive
Half price^

Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology (Light Vehicle Servicing Pre-apprenticeship)

Are you looking for a hands-on career in the automotive industry?

This pre-apprenticeship will provide you with the skills employers are looking for in an apprentice.

Delivered at:

Study modes:

On campus
VET Delivered to Secondary Students

Get started in the automotive industry. 

If working with cars and trucks is what you would like to do, this course is the one for you. You'll learn how to service engines, and use and maintain workplace tools and equipment.  After successful completion you may start an Apprenticeship in a range of areas including Motor Mechanic (light), Heavy Duty Road Transport, Mobile Plant, Automotive Electrician or Panel Beater. 

You'll gain skills in:

  • Communicating effectively
  • Working in a team environment
  • Planning, organising and problem solving skills
  • Servicing a vehicle
  • Performing general vehicle maintenance and small repairs

You will also have the opportunity to test your skills in the workplace through a Supervised Work Placement during this course. 

Certificate II
National ID: AUR21920
State ID: BFY7
Industry Automotive

Certificate II in Automotive Tyre Servicing Technology

Stop spinning wheels, start getting somewhere.

Hit the ground running - gain the skills you'll need to work on tyres in the automotive retail, service and repair industries with light, heavy and agricultural vehicles. 

Delivered at:

Study modes:

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
On campus

Get some real traction within the automotive industry.

This qualification covers the skills and knowledge required to perform a range of tasks related to servicing tyres of motorcycles, light vehicles, heavy vehicles, agricultural vehicles, earthmoving and off-the-road vehicles in an automotive service and repair business.   

The Certificate II in Automotive Tyre Servicing Technology prepares new employees or recognises and develops existing workers who service the following vehicle tyres in an automotive service or repair business:

  • light vehicles
  • heavy vehicles
  • agricultural equipment 

After completing this qualification you'll also be able to apply for a Motor Trade Association of Western Australia (MTAWA) repairers’ certificate in tyre servicing.

Some things you'll learn:

  • How to identify basic automotive faults using troubleshooting processes
  • How to use and maintain tools and equipment in an automotive workplace
  • How to select vehicle tyres, wheels and rims for heavy vehicles, light vehicles, agricultural machinery, earthmovers and off road vehicles
  • How to balance wheels and tyres
  • How to inspect and service braking, steering and suspension systems
Certificate II
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