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Work Health and Safety

Wanting a career that really makes a difference in the workplace and could even save lives? Work Health and Safety could be a rewarding choice for you.

Why Get Qualified in Work Health and Safety?

Every workplace in Australia is required to uphold Work Health and Safety practices, so there is a great demand for highly skilled officers across the country.  Receive a qualification in Work Health and Safety and you could open the door to more senior and higher-paying roles.

Passionate about looking after others? Health and safety officers play a very important role protecting the safety and wellness of employees across a diverse range of industries. With a career in Health and Safety, you can make a positive impact on how the workplace affects employees and how emergencies are handled if they arise.

Wanting to kickstart a career or change career path? A qualification in Work Health and Safety from TAFE will help you open the door to employment as:

  • a Work Health and Safety Officer,
  • Systems Officer
  • or Assistant.

As these roles are in demand across all sorts of workplaces and industries, the career possibilities are wide-ranging. You could find yourself working in mining, construction, transport, agriculture, nursing and human resources - just to name a few! 

Work Health and Safety Courses

^ Please note: You'll pay half price for the course fees, other fees may apply such as for resources that are specifically needed for your course.
Half price^
^ Please note: You'll pay half price for the course fees, other fees may apply such as for resources that are specifically needed for your course.
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Industry Business and Finance

Safety and Health Representative Refresher

Refresh your skills and save lives.

If you need a refresher for your Safety and Health Representative qualification, this is the course for you. Approved by Worksafe, this course will go over legislation, hazard identification, issue resolution and much more.

Study modes:

On campus

Central Regional TAFE is a WorkSafe approved provider of this Safety and Health Representative Refresher course which is only for those who have previously completed a WorkSafe approved five day Safety and Health Representatives course.

This course has been designed to refresh participants knowledge of the key functions they are expected to perform as a workplace Safety and Health Representative. 

Topics covered include: 

  • Work, health and safety legislation
  • A Safety and Health Representative's role
  • Identifying workplace hazards
  • Contributing to effective risk control and management
  • Resolving safety and health issues in the workplace

Please note while this course meets industry expectation and is common practice, it is not a WorkSafe requirement.

Short course
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Industry Business and Finance

Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety

Turn your passion for safety into a career.

All industries should have a focus on safety for all of their employees. As such, you will be sought after with the knowledge and skills you gain from this broad qualification.

Delivered at:

Study modes:


Safety in the workplace starts here.

This qualification applies to individuals working in a work health and safety (WHS) role who provide a broad range of technical knowledge and skills and have some limited responsibility for the output of others.

The qualification applies to those working as supervisors, WHS personnel, and workers in other WHS-related roles who manage risks effectively, apply relevant WHS laws, and contribute to WHS within the workplace in known or changing contexts with established parameters.

Certificate IV
National ID: BSB51319
State ID: BEQ9
Industry Business and Finance
Half price^

Diploma of Work Health and Safety

Increase your knowledge and your value in any workplace.

With the Diploma of Work Health and Safety you'll further develop and refine your knowledge and skills in work safety, compliance and risk management, and well as leadership.

Delivered at:

Study modes:


Find out if you've got what it takes to step into an in demand career managing workplace safety.

When you complete the Diploma of Work Health and Safety you can expect to be a valued addition to any organisation as a compliance officer, or WHS manager. You will gain the knowledge and skills to coordinate and maintain a WHS system or program, investigate incidents, manage risks, manage and improve employee health and wellness across your workplace, improve legislative compliance, productivity, efficiency, and morale.

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