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Travel and Tourism

Year after year, the tourism and travel industry is growing. There’s no shortage of people wanting to see Australia’s gorgeous landscapes and natural wonders. If you’ve got a passion for introducing great locations and sights to your friends and family, and have a knack for planning exciting holidays, you might find that a career in tourism and travel is the way to a fulfilling and dynamic role that will keep you on your toes no matter where you choose to go. 

Taking on a tourism and travel course will give you the right foundation and knowledge to develop industry-relevant practical skills. You’ll learn the basics of working in the tourism industry and have the opportunity to upskill so that you can plan international and local holidays for clients as you progress through your qualifications. WA tourism and travel courses will let you go the extra mile towards a fun-filled, high-octane career that will suit your passions and interests perfectly.

  • Tour Guide
  • Documentation Clerk for a tour wholesaler or travel agency
  • Museum Attendant
  • Booking Agent
  • Cellar Door Salesperson and Guide in a winery
  • Customer Service Agent
  • Guide and Salesperson in an Indigenous Cultural Centre
  • Marine Tourism Guide or Dive Tour Operator
  • Visitor Information Officer


    Operate a Small Business Skill Set

    State ID AE617

    Self-made starts here.

    Learn the ins and outs of running your own business and gain the skills and knowledge to take your operation to new heights. Go forward with efficiency, confidence and expertise towards a successful small business.
    • Geraldton
    • Moora
    • Northam

    Study Modes
    • Self Paced External

    Certificate II in Tourism

    National ID SIT20116 | State ID AZV4

    Start a career that can take you anywhere.

    This course will give you the essential skills required to begin your career in the tourism, business and events industries. From here, the world is your oyster, and your career possibilities are endless.
    • Exmouth

    Study Modes
    • Self Paced External

    Certificate III in Tourism

    National ID SIT30116 | State ID AZV7

    Give people experiences they’ll never forget.

    Make a career of giving people the best time of their lives, anywhere in the world. This course will give you skills in tourism sales, service, judgement and much more.
    • Exmouth

    Study Modes
    • Flexible
    • On campus
    • Online
    • Traineeship